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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Sunday, 19 June 2011


I haven't posted about it yet, but we do know that companions will be available. Yae^^
Oh, I remember the day when this was merely a dream in a forum topic created by, well, me.

No, it is not this guy.
Still, we are not sure to what extent companions will be available and that is in fact not what this post will be about. This is about a very specific companion, actually the very first companion the player character will get and it is described as a pet.

More than Wilbur is a pet, we do not know. We have no idea what kind of creature he is or what he can do, except fighting alongside you.

I promise, I will be really opt on this Wilbur business and bring any news I have, forth as soon as possible, 'cause this is honestly pretty damn exciting. We also do not know where we find him, or whether he is given to us or not. Stay tuned for more Wilbur.


  1. I hate humaniods as companions

    i would much rather have a pet

    who don't talk and does everything i say without complaint

  2. You can also get those in humanoid form - They're called slaves