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Monday, 20 June 2011

Giddy up!

Hail, traveller! Are thou feet tired? Thou back creaking? Thou will broken? Fear no longer, fore I have thou cure! 'Tis be the finest mule in all of the land! Not good enough? That is okay too, 'cuase Skyrim will feature mounts, more precisely: Horses. Not mules.

This feature was first introduced in Oblivion, and it was very welcome. It allowed us to travel quickly, without fast travel, which seemed more... well... Awesome! Personally, I am not a fan of fast-travel, the way it was in Oblivion, and I didn't use it. But more on fast travel another time.

Back in Oblivion, Bethesda made a decision that is ridiculed to this day. They added the Horse Armor DLC, which costed 2.50 $ - 200 Microsoft Points, respectively. A lot of people wondered why they should pay money for such a measly game item, when there weren't even as much as a side-quest for it. Even Todd Howard jokes about it to this day, in several interviews.

Anywho! So we've confirmed that there will be horses and we adore it! Hugs and kisses! So I bet that a lot would like to know, whether we are allowed to ride other mounts or not. Well, it is quite unlikely, but we have yet to rule out the the possibility! We can always hope! Of course we have modding to take care of any disappointments  so I ain't trippin'! But let me start by saying that riding dragons is definitely NOT a possibility. So hey- Stop asking.

Those of you who played Oblivion will agree with me, that riding a horse felt unrealistic and kind of... Stiff (No comments on that remark, please.) In Skyrim, we've been promised more natural movements and a better riding experience overall (no comments!)

But there are yet questions to be answered! A frequently asked one is: "Will there be mounted combat?!" Often followed by a bunch of drooling kids with Mount&Blade standing in a glass display in their mothers basement.

Many have got the impression that the answer is a big fat YES, and there is a good reason for that. Not long ago there was a source that had such awesome news that they were wide-spread across the internet and lead you fine folk to believe a lot of things. Unfortunately, one of these things are mounted combat. Todd Howard stated himself, at E3 2011, that there would not be mounted combat and that is final. According to him, the mounts are sole means of transportation. It's almost like he doesn't even care for their feelings. Horse-whisperers, TO ACTION!

Still, Todd is God, so we can do nothing about it. Anyway, I hoped that you've been well-informed on this topic now and I will keep you posted on further news.


  1. "Todd is God" ... x)
    That one was kind of funny! xD

    But as I loved to ride horces, instead if fast-travelling, I think it's good to not have mounted combat.
    To know that you can just ride into a campsite and basicly trample enemies/inocents to mush...
    Well, lets say that it is to easy, isn't it?
    We are gamers, more or less, and laziness and gaming can be put together as macaroni and cheese... But we arn't -that- lazy!?
    I will use my very good persuasion abileties and say: You will like to fight on the ground!
    There you have it!
    "Todd is God"... x) That really made me laugh... :P

    - Mike

  2. Join the great deity, Todd Howard.
    Todd is your friend.
    Todd is your leader.
    Todd is theos.
    Todd is the way.

  3. I say if they were to ever add mounted combat, they should be bringing the spears back from the grave. Would be making the most sense if you ask me. Spear hit kills horse, you get knocked off horse (not killed) then have to fight from there and buy another mount. Thats my opinion. But glad they choose to keep it out. I ride my horse (no comments) to relax before a dungeon run and what not. Bit of Role play within a Role play.