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Sunday, 19 June 2011

No demo! Closed Beta?

So a lot of people ask: Will there be a demo?
Of course we'd all like to be able to grab our mouse & keyboard, or maybe a trusty console controller and have a go at it! Whether we own a PC, PS3 or an Xbox 360, we'd feel overjoyed by the idea of being able to play through a demo of this game over and over again until our fingers are sore, maybe with some burn marks.

Unfortunately, Todd Howard confirmed multiple times at E3 that there would NOT be a demo. That is it, people: NO DEMO!
As we reach for handkerchiefs in an attempt to conceal our sobbing, let me remind everyone that there are only 20 weeks left as of the release of this post (refer to the timer on the page.)

Yet, there are circling rumors of a so called "closed BETA." After talking to some people, it seems that many are aware of this. But let me also remind you, that a lot of people will try to advertise for a closed BETA in order to take advantage of Elder Scrolls-loving people's trust. Sad Smiley. There are at the moment many videos on youtube, and many sites and mails which posts links to this "closed BETA" and let me say this quickly, before you get bored and leave: DO NOT CLICK THOSE LINKS! They are there to plant Virus and Malware on your computer, or maybe even to trick some money out of you. Should Bethesda choose to make a BETA (which is very unlikely,) it would certainly not be in such a way and so far they have not announced anything like it.

Should I hear anything else, or find a reliable source on the topic, I shall inform you immediately.


  1. Ok so wea da new gameplay at? It waz suppose 2 be here at like 1 a.m??..