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Thursday, 23 June 2011


As always, Bethesda supports modding - for PC.
In Oblivion, console players didn't get to enjoy the various mods that the PC-users made use of.

Everyone will be happy to hear that modding will return, and that Bethesda will provide a creation kit on the release date, so we can get right to it!

So here I hold the answer to every console users most asked question: There WILL be modding for Consoles! That's right! (Both the PS3 and the Xbox360)

It will work like this, though: You create and download mods on your PC, and then you, via a neat way (I think maybe created by Bethesda,) transfer the mods to your console, and they should work just fine.

So far, they do not have a security system, so be very careful when you choose to transfer a mod to your console (Though you probably won't be able to, until there is.) There is nothing stopping it from ruining the game and or the console. Todd Howard stated that they think that the modding part of Skyrim is important and that they WILL create some sort of security system, but it won't be ready for the release.


  1. Oh my god, i am so happy that they are doing this. We console players have been left out when it comes to this sort of thing.

    I hope they have a security system soon, cause i want to try this out asap!
    Thanks for the confirmation, i wast trying to figure out if i dreamed this or not.

  2. you dumb ass, u need a dev kit witch coast thousands of dollars to convert the PC code to console code.

  3. They actually had it planned and told us that they were gonna do it - We were told that the idea was dumped several months later.

    I don't make sure stuff happens; I make sure that people stay informed.

    You might want to look at the date of posts, before you start throwing off comments - just a suggestion, seeing as this one is from June 23rd.