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Monday, 20 June 2011

Spell Tomes

Remember Oblivion? Remember DLC for Oblivion? I do! A thing I loved was the Spell Tomes! Good news! I've just confirmed that they are making a return, although we don't have to pay for it as DLC this time around. 

If you never got to enjoy this feature, let me explain: You prance around the world, humming a tune of your own choice. Suddenly you raid a dungeon or kill a person (preferably innocent) and go for the loot. You find a spell tome! What now? You open it, read the contents and are given the option of learning the spell. In your malicious quest for power, you humbly agree. You now know the given spell and all is well.

Whether it's the exact same system in Skyrim as it was in Oblivion, remains to be seen. But hey, what could be so different about it?

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