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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Death from Above!!!

Hands off, this article has nothing to do with Skyrim. If you look apart from the fact that a person on the Gamespot forum thought that the dragons in this game were going to be cliff racers, which is just despicable.

This article is about something that amuses me, when it comes to Cliff Racers.

The feared "Cliff Racer"
For those of you who didn't play Morrowind, Cliff Racers are miniature, dragon-like creatures, populating Vvardenfell. They were hated intensely for their ability to detect one from long away and then stalk the player without being noticed. Seriously! They were SO silent! This often caused a horde of them descending on us, leaving us only with regret, anger and lone tears. Oh, and death too! Even the development team have admitted that the sheer amount of Cliff Racers in the game was a mistake. As in, there are too many!

That is not the amusing thing, however. The amusing thing is when I in Oblivion hear good citizens mention Cliff Racers. Not only do they mention them, but they mention a "Saint Jiub," whom supposedly drove them out of Vvardenfell, which they made him a saint for. So who is this Jiub? At first I thought the the name was familiar, but couldn't quite put it. As I started up Morrowind, and made a new character, who is the first person I see in the game? I think to myself: "Of Course!"
"Saint Jiub"

Jiub is a fellow prisoner, on the same boat as you, when you start up the game. The funny thing is that he says like two things and then you don't see him again for the remainder of the entire game. I believe that the rumor in Oblivion is a little joke from the team, for those who played Morrowind. It is definitely because they took notice to the Cliff Racer issue. On this rare occasion, I will make a smiley:     :)

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