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Friday, 24 June 2011

Vampirism and Lycanthropy so far

Clarification is in order. Many ask if there will be vampires or werewolves in Skyrim. I can tell you that this article will be very short, 'cause the only thing there is to say to that is: We don't know!

Either Bethesda wants to keep it secret in order to maintain our excitement and interest, maybe they haven't decided yet, or they simply aren't a part of the game.

I will fill you in, should more news arise.

I've heard a podcast with Todd Howard, stating that they have been playing around with both lycanthropy and Vampirism, but if they don't think it's gonna add to the game, then they won't include it (kinda like what they said about mounts.)


  1. I think they will have vampires, lychan/werewolves I am not sure though.
    I am very sure that there will be vampires though.
    Not entierly sure but very sure.
    But even without vampires and werewolves the game will be awsome, and I found beeing a vampire cool at first in Oblivion, but I grew tierd of it in a short amount of time...
    The one thing I did like and still do, is that you can become a member of that, uhm.. "brotherhood", in the Imperial City and turn in vampire dust for 100 gold each.
    Apart from that.. Vampirism was not so much fun.
    But ofcourse! That is my opinion.

    - Mike

    ps. I cannot seem to keep track of where I write posts. So bear with me, if I tend to answer a little late if you write something to me that I should reply to! ;)

  2. Hello Mike - You are looking at an old post. The newest post, which you can find by using the appropriate tag words, shows that there will be both werewolves as well as vampires in the game.

    A good thing to do is to look at the date of the post and then click the appropriate tag word, should it be old.

  3. So a lot of people I kno are diein in anticipation for werewolvez, bt from what I've seen they are very much needed in the game do 2 lore and rugged terrain, but the impression I'm gettn do from looking at forums and hearing tamerials god of gods responses, they are most likely 2 be in a DLC, can I get a confirmation and a reason for this crime against the public~ p.s you'll be hearin a lot from me

  4. Looking forward to it.

    You're right - Werewolves have been confirmed not to be in the initial release of Skyrim, so we have to put our money on the DLC.

  5. Aren't werewolves known for being in the land of Skyrim anyway? That's kinda weird that they're not going to be in the initial game, but having them in dlc will kinda make it better, considering i'm sure there will be some type of story or lore to follow about them.
    Though i could be wrong.