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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dark El...Dun...Alt...High... Eh?

I just wanna make sure that people are aware of the different names of the races of Tamriel, since I will probably be using the -mer names on this blog!

So first of, mer means elf. So any name of a race, which ends in -mer (suffix, if you are educated) signals that we are talking about a race of elves. To make sure that people know which is which, I have made a list, and it is as following:

Dunmer - Dark Elf
Altmer - High Elf
Bosmer - Wood Elf
Orsimer - Orc
Dwemer - Dwarf
Falmer - Snow Elf
Chimer - not relevant, but a specific sect of Altmer

I don't know if you are interested in the lore. If you want, I'll provide it in neat, subjective articles, so you don't have to go through long, dusty, tome-like articles in order to get the interesting info. I won't do it without a heads up, though.

Anyway, I hope this will help. Cheerio!

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