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Saturday, 27 August 2011

List of enemies, creatures and critters!

Here is the list of enemies, creatures and critters, listed alphabetically for your convenience: [Not done yet]

Friday, 26 August 2011

Vampires and Lycanthropy - Broken down at the end of August

We've all been following the discussion on whether vampires and werewolves will be available in Skyrim intenly. More intently than a dog following a treat! We've been back and forth, but now the ride comes to an end.

Vampirism! Those of you who's a fan of Skyrim Coverage on facebook, I've already told. Some of you may have found out elsewhere. For those of you who don't know: Vampires have been confirmed. One of the more intense Elder Scrolls fans was playing the demo at QuakeCon and shiver me timbers if his clearly restless mentality didn't send him right into the arms of two welcoming vampires, confirming their existence in the game!

Now there is just the issue people have been having: Will we, us, the players be able to become a vampire? Truthfully, Bethesda has made no such statement since the info leaked like... Two days ago from now. I can only say two things. The first one being "Cupcake-shaped earrings are neat" and the second one being a statement claiming that worrying will be for nought. Would Todd and his team really have been so naive as to include vampires and not the option to become one, knowing full well that they would have a series of disappointed fans on their hands, as well as a riot? The one kind with torches and angry mobs?!
No, of course not!
It has been confirmed that you can also become a vampire

That aside, lycanthropy will definitely be in the game, as I've mentioned a month ago (I think?) and I say so with great joy and excitement, as well as coffee burning my lap and scolding my thighs. If you by any chance won't find Lycanthropy to be an option once you get your greasy, yet sexy hands on the game, know that it'll definitely be included in a DLC package.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Character compilation

It finally happened! Bethesda has released compilations featuring every race and gender in the game. It is clear that each race has been designed to look unique and unlike the others, and we can barely recognize the elves when we compare them to those of Oblivion and each the Altmers, Bosmers and Dunmers have been designed with their own distinctive eye color. Yellow/Orange for Altmers (It feels like each and everyone of them are staring me down,) Brown for the Bosmers and Red/Black for the Dunmers.

I never noticed while playing Oblivion, but apart from the Orcs, Khajit and Argonians, every race were just humans with a few body alterations. Like taller and skinnier, as well as smaller and broader. Now I feel like each and every race is special and I have to do everything there is to do with each gender of every race -Starting with the Orc male.

But enough talk - Remember you can enlarge each picture by clicking it [And like "Skyrim Coverage" on facebook.]