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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Biggest time-skip, ever! (The Septim Empire crumbles)

If you played Oblivion, you definitely remember the death of Uriel Septim VII, given that it were inevitable and the very first thing that happened in the game.

Maybe you are not aware of this, but Uriel Septim was actually with us since the very first game, were the imperial battlemage Jagar Tharn used the staff of chaos to imprison him in a dimension of his own creation. Tharn the disguised himself has Uriel Septim and ruled for 10 years until the player character freed the real Uriel Septim and defeated Tharn.

Given that he is alive until Oblivion, I can easily convince you that the time that passed between Arena and Oblivion is less than a hundred years. In fact it is only 34 years.

With Skyrim coming up, we are facing the the biggest time-skip so far, with 200 years having passed since Oblivion. I thought that we should have a look at something crucial, which shocked me to my inner core!

Those of you who played Oblivion, are aware that the last of the royal Septim bloodline, which are also dragonborn BTW, died. I am of course talking about Martin Septim, son of Uriel Septim VII. He forfeits his body in order to summon the avatar of Akatosh, whom the Nords call Alduin (the antagonist of Skyrim.) Akatosh then defeated Mehrunes Dagon and forced him back into Oblivion forever.

After this event, Chancellor Ocato takes over the emperors duty until a new emperor can be chosen. Unfortunately, this never happens and somewhere between The Oblivion crisis  and Skyrim, an altmer named Titus Mede takes over the Empire and thus makes the Altmer race the ruling race, stealing the power from the Imperials. Whether he, or his son Prince Attrebus Mede, will have a role to play in Skyrim, remains to be seen.


  1. Titus Mede wasn't an Altmer. He was a Colovian warlord. So he was essentially just an Imperial from the Colovian Highlands on the other side of Chorral.

  2. Bethesda said the Altmers currently have the Empire.

    Titus Mede took the Empire like 180 years ago and is still emperor.

    That is why I figure: Altmer.

  3. The Infernal City calls him a Colovian warlord. Also his naming convention matches with the Imperial race. The 180 years thing is probably meant to refer to the Mede liniage still ruling. Curous, where did you see the note on Altmers controlling the empire. I had not seen the before but it my provide some interesting insight on the setting for Skyrim.

  4. Son of Titus Mede is Prince Attrebus Mede - He's never taken over the throne.

    But yeah, it was some of the very first news Bethesda released - Back in... February-March I think. It was way before I made this site (June,) but I'll go through my bookmarks and see if I can find it - Is there are more convenient place that I can send it to you, or should I throw it here in the comment section?