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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Once upon a time, a mighty fine gentleman said: "I recognize my limits, but when I look around, I realise, I am not exactly living in a world of Giants."

Well, we can state two things! That man was the 42nd prime minister of Italy, Guilio Andreotti, and second that just because he doesn't, it doesn't mean that we can't!

That's right, folks! Skyrim will feature giants. Big, hardcore, mammoth-pelt wearing, badass, hard hitting, amazingly tall, brute giants! I bet the adoring fans of the mudcrap will die out quickly, in favor of the giants! So far we know of two kinds: The "hill-type" we see in the demo, and then a "frost giant" has been mentioned by some who saw the presentation back in April.

But what are these giants up to? What do they do? Well, as opposed to previous games, monsters don't always just stand around and wait for you to come by so that they can hurt you, causing you to sing Haddaway. No more!!

These brutes will be all over Skyrim, tending their business. You will seldom see them walking alone, not that that isn't possible, but they are humanoids. And like all humanoids, they tend to group up.  You can find them wandering the tundras, with their flocks of mammoths, whom they use as herding animals, for food and for pelt to make their clothes out of.

In the trailer we see the option of trying to speak to them, but sadly enough, in the demo, Howard chooses to be a dick and attack the mammoths instead, 'causing the giants to attack him, only for one of them to be snatched up by a dragon, randomly popping in.

As soon as you see the giant grab its giant bone club, you can't help but think: RUN! Even though, you aren't the one playing. They look powerful and like someone you just don't wanna piss off. I even had the audacity to yell "Run, Howard, RUN!" As I watched the video. Seeing them in action has really got my blood boiling for more!

But they are not just there to do battle with! As I said, they didn't actually choose to attack Howard, let alone pay notice to him, before he viciously assaulted one of their mammoths. The Nerve. There was even an option to speak with them. I don't know if you actually could, but they are intelligent humanoids and perfectly capable of talking.

Can you piss them off without attacking? Yes, you can! If you get in their pathway too much, they might think of you as a nuisance and try to, well, kill you. You are merely an intelligent insect, after all.
I actually hear rumors that they have their own city, but I have yet to confirm that, but it would definitely be cooool.

Another rumor states that when you loot them, you are actually looting their nostrils and the space in-between their toes, but that might as well be jibber-jabber, since they actually have pouches.

So that's it for the Giants, for now! If you wanna watch them, look at the demo in the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

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