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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Akatosh = Alduin?

It's very late, so I'll make this short. Actually this is just an excuse I make, since there is not a lot to say on this topic. I am just filling out.



Anyway, to business! It seems to me as if a lot of people are having trouble understanding the relationship between Akatosh and Alduin, so I'll try to explain.

Lets start out with Akatosh.
Akatosh is the chief deity of the nine divines, mainly worshipped in Cyrodiil. He embodies the qualities of Invincibility, endurance and everlasting legitimacy. Just so I am sure that everybody is up to speed, his avatar is a dragon.

Now to Alduin, the counterpart of Akatosh, or the Nordic variation of him, if you prefer. He is depicted as "The World Eater," a dragon god, functioning as brutal, ravaging firestorm that destroyed the world that existed prior to this one, in order for this one to rise. The Nords see him as a god of time and not only as the destroyer, but also creater of worlds.

Now how does this fit in with Akatosh. Instead of making a long explanation, I thought I'd just give an example that people can relate to. I assume most people know about old Greek mythology, yes? Well, they all have Roman counterparts! Like Hades had Pluto. Athena had Minerva. Are had Mars. Zeus had Jupiter, or Tinia, if you prefer the Etruscan counterpart.

So you see, it is kinda the same deal with Akatosh and Alduin. They are counterparts, from different cultures. They have some similarities and they also differ in some ways. I hope I have made clear for everyone to understand.

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  1. Alduin - The first born of Akatosh, elder brother of Paarthurnax, and self-proclaimed aspect of Akatosh. Also called "The World Eater".