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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Spiders aren't insects, did you know that? They are arachnids; A whole different class of animal. No matter if you are familiar with this or not, know that a lot of people fear them. They are creepy. Sometimes they are fast. Sometimes they are big. Sometimes they even jump (and into my eye, even! Needless to say, I don't find them nearly as fascinating anymore!)

The fear of spider is called Arachnophobia, and I sorely hope that you don't have it, 'casue then your adventure in the lands of Skyrim, will be over quickly. As shown in the trailer, and in the April presentation, as well as the demo they showed behind closed doors at E3, there will be huge spiders in this game. Funnily enough, the only size we've seen so far, is like 2 and a half times bigger than ourselves. Oh, snap!

So giant spiders are confirmed to be in this game. We don't know how typical it'll be to run into them, or where they... "Chill." Get it?
We also don't know the variations of Spiders there will be, but we can easily assume that there'll be more than one type. Skyrim will have 9 regions and 7 different, major climates / terrains and has already shown to have different kinds of giants and dragons. I find it easy to assume that the creatures vary from climate to climate, so lets take a wild guess and say that the spiders will as well, shall we?

ATM, we don't know much more about the Spiders. We know that there's a big ass one, in Bleak Falls Barrow and that they put cobweb all over the place, which BTW is described as awesome. Those who saw the full demonstration claims that next to none of the strings of cobwebs covering the walls, looked alike. No textures just copied over.

Anywho, I'll bring more spider, when there is more spider to be brought. Cheerio!

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