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Monday, 20 June 2011

Guilds, Guilds, Guilds...

Guilds are a very important feature in The Elder Scrolls. I personally love The Houses and guilds in Morrowind, and even more so in Oblivion. But ah, let us not get lost in sweet memories now! Let's move on and look at the future! It is shining so bright, in the land of Skyrim!

You know what there will also be in Skyrim, besides shining light? If you've read the topic, the first bit of text, or merely glanced at the picture to the left, then you've probably already guessed it. That's right! GUILDS!

Since they've been such a huge success in the past, they are of course also a part of Skyrim and what I am about to tell you will most definitely psych you out. So hold on to your comfy chairs and get ready for a rough ride!

Apart from the "houses" in Skyrim, which aren't actual guilds, but more like ruling houses, over each region (9), there are also "real" guilds, more precisely 4 real guilds and they as following:

Thieves guild! That's right! A good ol' favorite! We know not who will be leading it this time around, but they are gonna have to work hard to beat The Gray Fox, that's for damn sure!

Aaaaand.... (drumroll...)
Mages guilds! Or actually it's called "The College of Winterhold" this time around and I think it won't be nearly as influential as the one in Oblivion.

Aaaa... (Smacks the guy who does the drumroll...)
Fighter guild! Again, with a name change! This time around our fighters guild is called "The Companions" and we know absolutely nothing more!!

Drumroll! DRUMROLL! DRUM... Oh, right...

By Hashakgig1106 - Snatched it from DeviantArt

And a personal favorite, as I know it is for many! THE DARK BROTHERHOOD! YEAH :D THE FRICKEN DARK BROTHERHOOD. A dutch magazine was nice enough to squeeze this information out of Howard, and we love it! So far, no more news on them, but I will keep you posted! Cheerio!

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