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Saturday, 13 August 2011

It is fucking magic! More screens!

Just as I withdraw from writing my last post I run into a bunch more screenshots - INCLUDING AN ARGONIAN!

I am not gonna write a lot here, 'cause it is late, but here they are - And remember: Click the images to view their original sizes (bigger)

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One more picture

Even more screenshots - Khajit, Nord

So I am casullay minding my own business and I come across three new screen shots on Bethesdas blog - I went to their online album and downloaded these suckers, so here they are for you.

First up, we'e got another Khajit picture, this time showing off another possible fur color to pick from, as well as a "beard" I guess.

And then we have a Nord at night time - I spot a ruin in the background:

And finally a Nord in a cave:

Keep in mind that you can click this pictures to get their original sizes!
If I know iOblivionIV right, he'll probably smack 'em up on youtube with a thorough analysis of each one of them.

Happy to bring you the stuff.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dunmer Screenshot

Eagerly we await the coming of Skyrim, as its release date slowly approaches. We all have habits to pass the time! Some of us play Minecraft, some of us keeps knocking ourselves out with chloroform and some of us eagerly scout the internet for yet more details on this magnificent game-to-come.

As you might have guessed, all these examples our drawn right out of my personal life, but if you feel like you can relate, then all the better. I am guessing that you have already seen the big picture posted below of a male Dunmer (Dark Elf) - A screenshot from Skyrim.

He appears to be some sort of Rogue or Assassin (he's a thief.) Maybe he is part of The Dark Brotherhood? No matter what, we can clearly conclude that the Dunmers have gotten themselves a makeover, and a pretty one at that - Their faces are no longer flat, like in Oblivion; And look at the detail! The knives, the ears, the teeth, the beard and even the moon in the background is crazy pretty!

(Click for an even bigger resolution)

This picture was released earlier today on Bethesdas Blog, after the conclusion of a poll, asking people which race they'd like to see the most - the result was a Dunmer thief, as you can see.

The runner up was Argonian and Bethesda promised that we would soon see one of those as well.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Dark Brotherhood - The note

So I saw some footage from the QuakeCon presentation, which were about the same thing they showed at E3 behind closed doors, which they of course did again, only this time it was in Texas. Still, some shaky footage which has already been removed again, is better than none.

Fear not, the title of this post is not as misleading as it seems due to my first couple of statements. My point is that I in that video saw something that will satisfy the confused masses, still doubting the presence of The Dark Brotherhood in this game.

As the guy who were playing was going through his inventory to show off the cool, new 3D animations of every item, he suddenly stopped to open something called the "Mysterious note." As he pressed (A) on his glorious Xbox360 controller, he activated a smooth animation which gently showed the not being opened (as opposed to a new window just opening,) and what I saw made me nothing less than ebullient.
What was it, you ask? It was a message from our favorite faction: The Dark Brotherhood, with a message so cold and direct it could send shivers down your spine and make you stop eating for weeks.

I used my drawing skills ( to sketch out the note in great detail (a doodle) which allows me to still gaze upon the brilliantly horrifying note.

Now I am sure you are all eager to know what was on that note, since I've been dragging this out for too long in an attempt to rise the tension. Unfortunately I can't scan the drawing I made, since I lack the tools for that, so I will just tell you!

As the note opened, what appeared was a drawing of their symbol, The Black Hand, and a message below reading: "We know" with big black letters!

So that is how we can finally put all doubt to bed. That and of course also the fact that Todd Howard said that they would definitely be in the game.
Thanks to Leon Dragonheart, as he calls himself, we now have a great picture of the mysterious note

Pause - Unpause

I would just take a moment to mention how great I think it is that the whole world no longer revolve around us. Not that I don't like the attention, but in Oblivion it ended up being a little too much.

In Skyrim we will have the pleasure of being able to talk to people without time stopping. When you want to talk to a person you just walk right up to them and press the required button and then start chatting - a menu of things you can ask pops up and if you're tired of having them talking to you, you can just walk away (rude)

As far as I've gathered, reading books (which has a page-turning animation BTW) doesn't stop time either and maybe not even popping through your inventory, although I am not sure about that. I definitely know that time stops as you go through your favorites doing combat, which makes sense. Of course there is always the [esc] menu.