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Monday, 20 June 2011

Run, Forrest, run!!

We've been running for years! Since Arena! In Morrowind, one could argue that we didn't move fast enough, which was quite remedied in Oblivion. Indeed it was! Since it is how we get around, it is quite a delicate subject, that often goes unmentioned. But not this year, because the guys at Bethesda introduces a new running system in Skyrim, that'll blow our minds! Seriously! And It'll hurt!!

Run! Don't lag behind!

In their more recent title, Oblivion, running was a skill to be found in athletics. The more you ran, the greater the skill, the faster the running. Naturally, this caused many to pick it as a major skill. When working on Skyrim, the developers thought to themselves: "Hey, isn't this kind of silly? Who would make a character that doesn't run?" - And you know what? They have a point. Who would make a character that doesn't run? (Since floating isn't available.)

Therefore they have removed Athletics as well as Acrobatics, since it is kind of the same deal for jumping. Instead, they've given us an already fixed running-speed and fixed jumping-height, so it looks more realistic than Oblivion, where you could end up jumping to ridiculous heights, or in Morrowind, where you in the beginning could barely jump more than a toddler.

They've also implemented another little treat: "Sprinting." With sprint we can, well, sprint for a limited amount of time. When we've regained our breath, we can sprint again! Not only that, but one of the famed dragon shouts actually allows us to do an Über-sprint, and move really fast! And there is three levels to that!

There will be more on the dragon shouts later on, but be sated with the über-sprint for now. Cheerio!

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