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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Mod review: Deadly Dragons!!

I don't know if you recall your first encounter with a dragon - do you?
Mine was horrifying, yet amazing! The dragon (Mirmulnir) had such a... Freedom, that had me stumped! What should I do? Sure, eventually I sent it to hell and happily absorbed its very soul, but until then, I was like... Fuck!

The second time I encountered a dragon, I died.
4 or 5 times.
But lets not get into that.

Eventually you just hit a point where dragon fights become... Lets say: "Not nearly as challenging;" Which is fine for some, I'm sure, but for many (including me) that just ain't cool! Dragons need to be something you run away from and spend a lot of resources on beating!

That is why I am overjoyed with presenting:

Deadly Dragons by 3Jlou

Deadly Dragons is a mod for those that think dragons should be insanely hardcore, which 3Jlou succeeds in making them.

As mentioned, dragon battles had gotten a little "meh" for me, but as soon as I installed this mod, I could no longer say that. I went and did the Mirmulnir battle again (with a level 19 character) and the battle cost me all of my potions, several deaths, forced me to change strategies and took nearly 2 extremely entertaining hours (granted I wasn't prepared at all) in what seems to be the best and most extreme dragon battle I have ever had.

But this mod does more than just buffing up dragons - it fixes another issue tat I have in no way concealed that I have with dragons: The lack of variety!

Luckily Deadly Dragons also provide several new types of dragons (as well as making old types appear earlier on,) including: Magma Dragon, Storm Dragon, Wyrm, Swamp Dragon and the Nether Drake, all with looks and abilities that sets them apart from each other and the vanilla batch.
If there were ever any reason to get psyched about dragons, it is the one that 3Jlou provides us.