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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Points of non-barren Interest

I guess everything is interesting in Tamriel.
The Dungeons
The Cities
The Monsters

But lets talk for a minute, about the actual Points of Interest
If some of you are unsure what this entails, let me explain: A PoI (Point of Interest) is not a dungeon, nor a city. It's a point of interest that you find out in the wild. It could be a camp, a clearing, a dragon graveyard or as in Bethesdas example: A Necromancer Altar, which actually just might be in Skyrim.

There are plenty of these to be found in the teams previous titles, and there will also be a lot to find in the land of Skyrim. Actually at least a 100 PoI's have been confirmed to be a part of the game, so there'll be plenty to do.

Unlike the other games though, Todd has mentioned that they will not just make huge area of nothingness, like in Oblivion, where we could walk around that big-ass forest, covering the entire map, for a long long time, without encountering anything. Sure, maybe we'd run into a dungeon, but they're are all alike. We wanted varied PoI's all over in Oblivion, and that is what we'll be getting from Skyrim!

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