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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Music with Soule in it ;D

Have you ever thought about what makes a scary movie "scary?" Is it the big dude with a machete and a hockey mask? The stunning, yet spooky special effects? Or might it be the actress' amazing skills, convincing us that they are in fact scared?

The answer is no, ladies and gentlemen, the most important thing, which makes a movie scary, an adventure epic, or "A Walk to Remember" so sad that you'll wanna cry your eyes out, is: (drumroll) The Music!

I once saw "Daddy Day Care", which is a comedy about some guys starting a day care, which guys can't do, because they're guys. Evidently. Anyway, just a teeny, tiny scene, with the most creepy music ever, was enough to spook the crap out of me on par with that of "The Grudge." So you can see what I am talking about, I took the liberty of finding the clip on youtube! Just go 35 seconds into the video and listen:

See what I mean? I thought so!

I don't know if you are aware of this, or not, but music is also some of the most important thing in games, especially in The Elder Scrolls series. Unfortunately, it seems that not many pays that much attention to it and its creator, which is why I chose to make this post about Jeremy Soule, the man who will be creating the entire Skyrim soundtrack. Be you a man of musical interests or not, I think you'll find it interesting.

If you've played the previous Elder Scrolls Titles: "Morrowind" and "Oblivion," then you will already be familiar with his work. Should Skyrim be the first title of this series that you will be playing, I am sure that you've still heard his art before. Soule has actually won several awards for the music, he has created for oh, so many video games and is looked up to by many for his skill and his engagement. Before he creates the music, especially when it comes to his most preferred genre: RPG,  he likes to get a good look at the storyboards and the art work, in order to give the music "the right feel, to it."

Games that he have composed music for includes:

  • The first five Harry Potter games
    • If you've enjoyed the books or the movies, then certainly you will have also tried just one of the games, in spite that they get worse every year :) Personally, I had the first and second game for PS1 when I was younger, and I loved them. Since then, not so much :)
  • D&D titles like "Neverwinter Nights," "Icewind Dale" and "Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance"
    • I think that we can all agree that these titles were epic, with Soule's music just making the even more epic. Playing Neverwinter Nights 2, where some of his music was reused, were one of the first places that I noticed him 
  • Lets not forget Dungeon Siege I & II
    • I am not a player, but I hear that it is great
  • Then there is also the Guild Wars series, Star Wars: KOTOR I & II and Company of Heroes

As you all can see, Jeremy Soule is talented and have actually composed music for oh, so many titles. Many more than these I've mentioned here. Soule will indeed also compose the soundtrack for Skyrim, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! If you've watched the trailers, you've already heard a good bit of it, and I can only assume that you love it.

In addition to this information, I also have a little treat for you. An artistic fellow on Youtube, called mrpantsleeves have combined the themes of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim into one in order to psych us up! A thank you goes to him!

Also, Tobuscus (you might have heard of him,) also on youtube, have made one of his "literal trailers" featuring the Skyrim trailer and it is definitely also worth a listen:

With all that said, I think we have enough musical knowledge regarding Soule and Skyrim for now. Enjoy the videos and Soule's music. I know I will!

1 comment:

  1. I big and happy shoutout to you and music and ofcourse Jeremy Soule!!

    Thanks for posting this, because this is a very inportant matter!
    I belive people take the epic music in games like TES for granted... which is sad!
    If you, (other people who read this post, and not McBraas that we all know have played both Oblivion and Morrowind!), remember the first time you played the game and heard the epic music that welcomed you into the world of TES, you should be ashamed!
    The Morrowind theme is beautifull and calm, as you go into the alien world full of weird things and places to explore. (love the game, but prefer Oblivion... sorry!)
    And ofcourse Oblivion! When you open the game you hear the magnificent theme! This theme unlike the one in Morrowind, is more "powerfull" and less calm. It tells you that you are going on an epic adventure and you run around the tiny space around your computer/tv-screen, and pretend that you are a warrior who slash your way through hords of enemies, or a mage you use great balls of fire, frost and ice to wipe out your foes! (If you did this and you were over the age of 16, this is not good... Then you should get your head checked! I didn't do this because I was older than that when I started playing it ofcourse *shifty eyes*)

    Now I totaly lost it ... hmmm yeah well..
    The music in Games tells you a story, or bring out a certain feeling to a place or an event.
    Without the music, it would still be epic. But on a much lower scale.
    So when you play Skyrim, try to enjoy the music and appreciate it.
    That's the way you show the people behind it respect and gratitude! :)

    - Mike

    ps. When I write long posts I tend to totaly lose the direction I was going, I think I made my point here.. I am not sure.. x)
    Just don't take that music for granted! Enjoy it as much as you enjoy the game :)