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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Multiplayer?! Get out of here!

If you see the name of this post and read it as "Multiplayer?! Get out of here!" where it means that there will be multiplayer and it is hard to believe, because it is so awesome, you're reading it wrong.

If you, on the other hand, read it as "get out of here! I'm tired of listening to this!" Then you are right on the money! In the forums I scout through, from time to time (constantly,) there are always yet another person asking: Will there be multiplayer? Evidently, this hasn't been made clear yet, so I'm just gonna break it to you, the hard way: NO! No, there will not! I am sorry!

But why? And can we be sure of this?
Yes, indeed we can! Since it is such an important question, Todd Howard have been asked it a ton of times, where he clearly states a firm "no! Definitely not!" Along with a perfectly good reason: If they included multiplayer, they'd had to cut a lot of content, making the game less awesome. They chose not to do that.

As Todd Howard said, back in March, in an interview with IGN: “The two most requested features we get are dragons and multiplayer. We got one of them this time!”

An upside is, as he states, we have fricken DRAGONS! That is awesome! So if you were one of the people, looking for an awesome multiplayer experience and got disappointed, try thinking of the awesome content that IS included.

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  1. I swear, why does EVERY game have to have multiplayer? It's an rpg, it doesn't necessarily need multiplayer.