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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

PC Requirements - Part I

So my more and more frequent visits to the Gamespot PC forum has allowed me to see the same questions asked, over and over again, with no salvation to be found. I am of course talking about people, shuttering in fright, that their trusty PC or laptop, may not be able to run Skyrim.

I am here to shorten down these questions a bit, in hope that they will no longer fill the already busy walls of the forums.

Of course we would all like to know the PC requirements, but we can only theorize at the moment, for one very specific reason: THERE ARE NO SET SPECIFICATIONS, as of yet. Therefore we won't know entirely. I encourage people to stop asking on these forums, 'cause it is not like anyone will be able to give you a decent answer.

However, this game has to run on this generations consoles. I am talking PS3 and Xbox360. Therefore, you shouldn't worry too much. Use your console to judge on this topic. I do however swear, that the second that I find out more, I will post it and slop it up, all over the PC board. Thank you, for your time.


  1. Hi! my computer runs crysis 2 pretty well, its that a good proof that it will run Skyrim too?!

  2. Assuming pretty well is flawlessly - Then I wouldn't fear not being able to play it. The PC requirements should be released any day now (last week) so keep checking in, 'cause when they do, I will post them.

  3. If my computer could run bf3 demo without lagg, do you think i'll be able to run skyrim?:)

  4. You can check the specs in one of the newer posts and compare them to those of Crysis 2.