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Sunday, 19 June 2011


So what is one of the most important elements of western RPG's? Dungeons, of course! But you knew that already!

Some of us remember the dungeons of Morrowind as great and interesting. Also hard to find your way through! Still, Oblivion shows us a much better time when it came to dungeoneering. Still, after a while they became a little too dull and familiar. They all looked like each other and used a lot of the same textures again and again.

Luckily, we've already confirmed that Skyrim will be a lot better!
Here is some info on what the dungeons in Skyrim will feature:

In Oblivion they made use of 1 dungeon designer, which is probably why creativity eventually took a serious blow to the head and started copying itself. In Skyrim, BGS have made use of a whole 8 dungeon designers and promises us great dungeon variety. As they say themselves: "Every dungeon is unique."

Not only do we know that dungeon designs will vary, but also the number! Skyrim will indeed feature at least a 150 dungeons, not including PoI's. There were about 200 in Oblivion, which you could say is a step down, but I won't, 'cause for one thing, I never really visited every dungeon and secondly, I'd rather have 150 unique dungeons, than 200 copies.

A interesting thing we've seen in the demo from E3 is Todd Howard's visit to Bleak Falls Barrow, an old temple created by the Nords in order to worship dragons. Here we see how the holes in the ceiling, allows access for some beautiful sunlight. We will see this in several dungeons, holes in dungeon ceilings, allowing this beautiful effect.

Several who saw the demo first hand has stated that almost none of the textures look alike, not even the spider web hanging from the walls.

Not only do we have a bunch of unique dungeons, but the team has also stated that they will be bigger than those in Oblivion, so that is definitely a step up. Of course they also say that some dungeons will take a lot more time to get through than others. They've often referred to these as epic dungeons, which they only calm down due to their size.

There are, as always, different types of dungeons. We have Bleak Falls Barrow, which sported its very own unique touch, but we also have some other types, like we had in oblivion. There well be different kinds of ruins, unlike Oblivion where there were only castle and ayleid ruins. Through pictures, we know that there will definitely be castle/fort/tower/whatever-you'd-like-to-call-it ruins like in oblivion.

Moreover, the cavern / cave dungeons will sport different climates. Again I'd like to refer to Oblivion, in where we saw caves made out of... Well, dirt. In Skyrim, we will also see hard rock in different formations and carved stone as well. The actual climates are interesting. We can see completely dead dungeons, as well as some frozen over and some which are lush, with plants and roots.

Skyrim's dungeons will also feature a fixed group of enemies. That is so we don't run into creatures that has absolutely nothing to do with each other, in the same dungeon. We won't find a Minotaur among a bunch of Goblins, so to speak. And if we did, the Minotaur would probably be the only one standing. Anyway, BGS have really emphasized the importance of which creatures arr in which dungeons and how great they've made it for us.

In Oblivion (again,) we saw some awesome traps in our dungeons. Of course they all featured either spiked chainballs or big-ass timber getting thrown right at our faces, but they were amusing and a fun addition to dungeoneering nonetheless! The developers have confirmed that we once again will see traps, in this fifth installment in the series. With glee, we listen intently. Only, there is not much to hear, so far. They say that we will see new traps with more variety, and in addition to new traps, there will also be puzzles included, when we venture into the unknown depths of random dungeon.

I've always enjoyed two aspects of RPG's: The role-playing part and the dungeoneering, which, funnily enough, are also the key aspects to a western RPG! This title seems to be shaking up both of them and can we be more psyched? I think not!

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