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Friday, 24 June 2011

I want to be "More than friends..."

You know how to make friends? Of course you don't! That is why we like in-game companions! In Oblivion, which came out back in 2006, making friends were fairly simple. Play the "persuasion game" in get people to like you. The "friends" back then didn't really feel like friends. The only advantage it had was that they smiled when talking to you, and that they would help you in a fight, should they be in the vicinity.

The friendships of Skyrim have been promised to be a lot more engaging. The friends will actually feel like friends and it'll be a lot easier to distinguish between them and your enemies. Both in their talk and the way they react towards you. It also plays an integral part in the Radiant Story system.

I possess a valuable skill: I speak German. I don't have the biggest vocabulary, but I get by. This skill was needed when I read a German article from, written in April.

A circling rumor, which is also integrated in the "fake article" (an article filled with bullshit,) is that Bethesda has included romantic relationships. Opinions on whether it's a good idea or that it's an idea worth a bucket of salmon differ a lot. But nonetheless, can it be true? The bullshit article would persuade us to believe that it is not. Yet, the German article might bring hope to those who desperately wants to hook up with some NPC's.

Since it's from April, we know most of the info, yet when we read through it, it claims that some of the developers said that they were looking into both romantic relationships and friendships.

Here is a quote: "Auch romantische Beziehungen und Freundschaften sollen sich demnach in der Planung befinden."

It means: "Also romantic relationships and friendships should therefore be in the plan" - They DID talk to the devs, and it's a legitimate site, so they are probably not lying. It does however not confirm that there will be relationships, but only that they were looking into it. Until we hear more of on the topic, we can't state it as fact, but it is most definitely as possibility.

You can read my new article "Will you marry me?" on the romantic relationships, which have indeed been confirmed.

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