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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Playable Races & Character Creation

So in Arena, we were able to choose between 8 races, which means that we were missing out on Imperials and Orcs. In Daggerfall they added the option of becoming a Vampire or a Lycanthrope, which in this case were either a werewolf or a wereboar, which, I am sorry, is just silly.

So did they add the remaining two in Morrowind? Yes, yes they did, and we love it! Indeed, these 10 races were also available in Oblivion. So will there be added any new races to the roster, in the upcoming title? No, there won't. The races remain Imperial, Orc, Redguard, Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer, Breton, Imperial, Khajit, Nord and Argonian.

Disappointing as that may be for some, remember that 10 races is already a huge roster with many possibilities!

The team has already stated that they've worked hard on making each race a lot more unique, yet not more powerful than each other. They really want to give it a different feel when you play as an orc, as opposed to an Altmer, but still without any change in the gameplay. I am not totally sure of what they mean, but they really emphasize that there is a difference. They also mention that your race and gender, you be male and female, has an influence on how some people respond to you. In Morrowind we saw some heavy racism, especially from the Dunmers, but that kinda disappeared in Oblivion, since Cyrodiil is such a melting pot. Nonetheless, racism will return in Skyrim, especially given the turmoil after the collapse of the Septim Empire. As far as I've heard, Nords aren't too crazy about Dunmers and Altmers.

But lets take some time to talk about character creation. So far we've been allowed complete access to alter our characters face, and we will still be able to. Some Oblivion players will agree with me that the faces of Oblivion (I just popped a vein, whilst writing this,) eventually grew, well, ugly. We've been assured that making a cool character face will be A LOT easier. Besides, if you've seen the pictures, which you have 'cause they are in this post, you'll know that the faces looks absolutely gorgeous!

We'll have more options. By that I mean that we know can give our characters scars and a beard. That's right, we can finally create Chuck Norris, as we've always dreamed! The picture of an Orc and the one of a Redguard also shows a scar over each of their left eyes, killing the color of the pupil, turning it white. Awesome? Without a doubt! Have a look for yourselves!

Personally, I am set on creating an Orc! How about you?


  1. i enjoyed reading and believe, that you sir are correct

  2. Lol CHUCK NORRIS! I personally would love to see some more variety of pictures containing the races and what they look like. What im most pumped about is making a Nord (Call me original) because I have always like Nords. Thanks for answering a lot of needed to know answers! It's hard to believe a lot of people wanted to be a were wolf race in skyrim, please :P

  3. Amsternator (Oblivisessed)22 July 2011 at 09:48

    I absolutely LOVE the Elder Scrolls series, and first played Oblivion aged 11. I play as a Dunmer (Dark Elf) named Availurer, and have finished the game numerous times. I have almost completed every quest in the game and cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Skyrim. The screenshots look great and the trailer even more awesome! This may sound a bit over the top but I am writing a book on Oblivion (my experience) and would like to get permission to publish it someday....

  4. I can't wait to make a character! It will be awsome and terrible!
    By that, I mean.. In oblivion it was easy to choose a race:
    - I generally don't like elves... so that just made it easier
    - The nords were ugly as... well. They were ugly!
    - I love orcs! But hate them in Oblivion! Their heads are like baloons with ugly faces (many of the races was like this more or less)
    - Breton were too small and I just didn't like them. Besides I'm more of a warrior than a mage.
    - I never did try Argonian, beacuase ... I didn't and proberly won't this time around eigther.
    - Then I am left with Imperial, Redguard and Khajiits.

    They looked cool and I have played all those for many hours!
    Mostly Imperial, you can be both evil and good, and it still look cool!

    In skyrim it will be terrible, because now ALL races look awsome!
    I don't know which race I will play as yet and I don't think I will know this untill an hour or two - trying to make a charcater on 11.11.11.
    Argoinian - The chance is bigger than before, but it's not one of the first choices, might make a assassin kind of character as Wee-bam-na and his sister Ocheeva in the dark brotherhood(or what his name was).
    Oh well.. I will find out then I guess, but at this moment I am leaing towards a Human race or Khajiit :) (I love the furry bastards! :D)

    - Mike

  5. Personally I will be an orc first, since I've been set on it since January - They just look so darn cute.

  6. They look awsome! But now I got to go, time to get out of the house and earn some moolah!

    "cute" ? xD

    - Mike

  7. I really cannot keep track of which post i was on last ...
    I don't know where convorsations starts or ends .... oh well...

    - Mike