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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Friday, 25 November 2011

The cons of Skyrim

I've been extremely excited about this title, as you no doubt have gathered from my innate posting since June - Although it seems as if not all are aware of this, since I still get small "corrections" and "confirmations" on posts that are months old - I've learned to ignore it, but I still like to complain.

But I digress and would like to steer the heavily-armored vehicle, that is my mind, back on the road of childabu... On the road of Skyrim. It is no lie that most of us have had extreme expectations to Skyrim and on that note, I am no different - Yet, and I don't like to admit this, there are some things that disappoint! I talk not of the minor glitches and bugs (I walked through a rock on the side of a mountain yesterday,) no, I speak mostly of content-related stuff!

I have to admit that I am a little disappointed with the level of graphics. I have Skyrim set on ultra and I could easily take it further, yet, I am not allowed. Not to say that Skyrim is not pretty, but there was plenty of opportunity to enhance it even further (which modders have indeed done, thankfully - although, not perfectly.)

Random encounters
Oh, there are plenty, indeed! Might be some I haven't encountered yet! I make sure to always travel by road and never use retarded fast travel. Yet, I consider the random encounters way too few, and way too rare. Often I find myself moving a very long distance, wondering when something will fricken happen! I just don't feel like radiant story is used to its full potential overall, and random encounters are no different.

Too short a story (Spoiler ahead)
Nay, I speaketh not of the main story, which is absolutely fine. I speaketh of the companions, which is the only other I've played through. The lack of story engagement and time spent before it is complete is horrible. There should pass more time before we get to be a werewolf, we should be able to spent more time with each companion and especially Kodlak (unofficial leader,) so we actually get pissed when he is killed.

I know not how long the others are, but so far I am quite happy with The Dark Brotherhood, although I am not that far in.

Deep relationships in Skyrim... They're shallow. They just don't exist. You've no way to improve your relationship, beyond doing stuff for people. Also, I find it really weird that when I, as a Dunmer, beat up a drunk Dunmer-hating Nord and then he is my best friend thereafter (I killed him because of that.) I wasn't a fan of courting in Fable III, but the intense lack of it in Skyrim is a little disappointing.

Like with relationships, there's nothing there. There should be more aspects and advantages to speech, as well as a better way to improve it, preferably connected to improving relationships.

Stupid companions
Companions keep running into traps. 'Nuff said.

Epic Battles
This is one thing that I consider inexcusable. This is one of the most important things in such a game and it just almost doesn't exist in Skyrim. Occasionally, you'll have one with a dragon. I had a Gandalf/Balrock-like battle with one. But that is not what I talk about!

When fighting, say, Alduin - It doesn't feel special. There ain't nothing special! The scenery, adversary, setting, music is supposed to add together to create a powerful mixture of intense epicness (said as Jack Black,) yet disappointment is all this potion gave me.

I do realize that there is subjective and that you may think of all of this very differently and I hope that I n no way implied that Skyrim is a disappointment - 'Cause that is not what I meant. Skyrim is the embodiment of pure awesomeness and by far the best game that I have ever played.

I already look forward to The Elder Scrolls VI

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Fixing a (Main quest) bug - Diplomatic Immunity: Malon begone?!


So I was doing the main quest "Diplomatic Immunity" and was supposed to contact Malon, once inside the embassy party - Only, he wasn't there. He was half-way across the continent, according to my map. Needless to say, this is a bug, but since I could find no patch fix, I decided to venture out and seek answers elsewhere.

Should the same thing happen to you, write this in your console command (opened by pressing ½ on your keyboard)

prid 33f46 [press enter]
moveto player [press enter]

And he should spawn right in front of you. Über fix!