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Monday, 20 June 2011


There are tons of things about Skyrim that excites us, but I'll bet that the only thing that can freak us out, like hearing an ostrich talk or losing our virginities by accident, is the dragons! In this here post I'll be explaining what kind of part they take in the Skyrim game experience.

Do Battle!
As you all know, we'll be playing as the last dragonborn, which basically means that we are born with the soul of a dragon. That is also the reason the Alduin, the game antagonist, don't like us. We have a fair chance at fighting back.

So we know that dragons play a very important part of the main quest. They have recently returned and they are scaring the crap out of people. Alduin leads his own pack of dragons, called Jills, which are black dragons.

That is not the only type of dragon, though. With the magic of sight, my eyes spotted both a red dragon and a blue, frost dragon in the gameplay demo from E3 (Watch at page bottom.) Pictures also reveal brown dragons.

This guy will be waiting for you at Bleak Falls Barrow!
When will we encounter these magnificent creatures? Well, not from the initial get-go, but not soon after. The main quest will of course cause some obligatory dragon encounters. In general, dragons will show up at random. In the demo, Howard is fighting a giant and then suddenly, without warning, it swoops down, grabs the giant and before we've actually gathered ourselves to absorb what just happened, it has tossed away the giant, off into the distance, and goes straight for our dragonborn hero.

Dragons are infinite, meaning that you can't kill every dragon. Even after the main quest is over, you'll be able to get your blood pumping, battling one of these bad boys. Combat with them is deemed to be quite exciting. They aren't scripted, so as mentioned before, they can pop up at random, but even more so, the ways they fight can vary greatly. They all have tons of patterns to choose from. They can do bombing runs, they can land and bite the crap out of you, smack you around with its tail, and even bite down on the aiding guard, smacking him around a bit and then throw him out like yesterdays garbage.

The feel of the combat is bound to be epic, and every dragon battle will be unique. Should you manage to overcome your fear and not run away, you'll probably die. Still, should you even manage to bring down one of these bastards, you'll get to absorb its soul, given you points to spend on your dragon shouts.

So what have we learned? Dragons are unscripted, have several entries and strategies, they use at random, creating epic and unpredictable battle scenarios. They can and will attack others than the dragonborn, they can even attack cities. The player can absorb their souls, which will be converted into a sort of currency, used to gain dragon shout abilities. There will be a variety of Dragons, including Alduins black dragon pack, called "Jills."
A dragon sitting atop a temple. Lets hope it doesn't spot us!

This is definitely the most wanted, requested and exciting feature of Skyrim and even though we won't be allowed to ride them, we will definitely all leave our families and friends for months in order to battle these magnificent fiends.

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  1. If dragons are supposed to be boss-like creatures, and there are different types. Which each type is more powerful than the last, I think. Then I wonder how much more powerful are the Jills going to be? And I am so glad that the dragons are infinite, makes the game seem like it never ends.

    - Jace