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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Monday, 20 June 2011

Faith can move mountains. Well not THESE mountains!

So The Elder Scrolls have always been about huge, open game-worlds and immense freedom --->

We can all agree that time after time, BGS amazes us with their stunning, huge worlds, which this time around will be completely dynamic, but we'll get to that another time.

Since most of you have played Oblivion and know how big the map is in that game, let me compare that to Skyrim ---> It is actually about the same size! Disappointed? Don't be! 'Cause with all the different kinds of terrain and especially the big-ass mountains, there will be a lot more ground to cover. Not to mention that Todd Howard stated, that every mountain we can spot in the game are 100% completely scalable (Meaning that you can climb to the very top.)

Have a look, for Christ's sake!
There are many, many mountains in Skyrim, and we gamers have a natural instinct, telling us that we need to explore every little inch, find every little speck of dust, before we are done with a game. Not to mention that we will probably do it more than once ;)
Try not to focus on the dragon, and look over yonder!

How Bethesda have chosen to handle the map limits, are so far unknown. In Oblivion, we got a little message saying: "You cannot go any further! Turn back!"

But that kinda messes up the in-game feel to it, so here's to hoping that they came up with a better, more realistic system, so we don't get thrown out of character.

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