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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Post #200

When I saw that there, about a week ago, where 26 posts, I was like: "Yeah... I'm not gonna make it!" - But as I am writing, I currently am making it! That is right! I am writing my post number 200 and it feels like pure ecstasy!

This will be a quite subjective post, so read on your own peril, my friend. We will go over future plans and projects, a few shout outs and most importantly: Did you know that a penguin can dive up to 700 metres? Seriously!

Now, a little history.
I've always disliked forums! I found them dull and tasteless! But my love for Skyrim, lead me to the forum of GameSpot and totally dragged me in, like comical anecdotes draw in Seth MacFarlane. I craves the discussion of the game and eventually I became a quite progressive member of the forum - That is where Skyrim Coverage began.

It began with a list/post I made over 5/6 hours, entitled "Skyrim no Detail" on June 3rd, which was immensely appreciated, which made me decide to make a version 2.0 - I worked on it in a MS Office word document and quickly got bored.

I kept visiting the forum and noticed that a lot of people was falling behind on the info and I got tired of answering the same question over and over - Almost like grade school. So to make it a lot easier for everyone, I decided to make a website, serving as a database for all Skyrim info - Naturally, I didn't think I could handle the entire website on my own, so I asked people to join. None were interested.

I went ahead and made it, updating it frequently along the way, which you've all born witness to. I received fan mail from time to time, as well as a request to translate my work from an Ignacio, which was more than enough to keep me motivated - Also, I had coffee and a lack of social engagements.

It wasn't until the arrival of Mike, who was brave enough to venture the dusty realms of comment sections, that I saw a rise in this sites activity level - Which was one of the best things in the world. Thank you, Mike.

It wasn't long, then others came, including Brad T. - With his "Statues and limitations." Awesome!
There are others too, and I certainly appreciate all of you, but I'll pass on making a list.

Then we're at this point. Right now. I feel like I've created a community - But you know what? I'd be wrong. You have. You are the reason, that I even write. You have all been pieces to the puzzle of forming a wonderful online community, that we can all benefit from, including myself. Thank you.

Shout outs
I adore shout outs, and I wouldn't miss this glorious opportunity to do one.

First of all, a dragon shout out to a friend I made along the way, whom showed a lot of support - That's right, I saw that you always recommended my site on forums, you little rascal - Thanks, Luke. Or Leon Dragonheart, if you prefer.

Of course also a shout to Hijacked Apocalypse <--- They invited me to join, because... Well... Okay, I don't actually know, so would you mind telling me? Bring CAKE!!

A shout to T McS, who says he will be naming his dragon-slaying stealth warrior after me - It is a great honor, thank you.

Of course Mike! He's really the main reason for all this comment section activity, I believe.

For Brad, Who's right up there on the pedestal with Mike! Statues and Limitations, Brad; Statues and Limitations!

To Jace too! I like that guy! He has a cool name!

And who could forget my two most active facebook members: Chris Healy and Jethro Rule, ladies and gentlemen!

Finally, I'd like to commend Jamie Kelly, who didn't show up 'till late, but has shown great enthusiasm and an extreme willingness to assist me in finding information. Really impressive stuff.

Thank you to everyone.

Whilst I'll gladly admit that I've brought a lot of stuff to the table, sadly I must also admit that I made an error or two, no doubt given that I am new to this - I'd like to apologize for a few mistakes I've made.

First of all, I was too fast on the whole "were-yeti" thing, which was basically just crap. It said so in a Dutch magazine that I had a guy translate for me - evidently, it was all BS.

Second of all, it has occurred to me within October month, that my notion about the Altmer owning the Empire was wrong. I was told so early on and in my head, it has been fact the entire time. Recent sources shows that I was wrong - The Imperials are still in control, but it is merely another family (the Mede.)

Third of all, I've been a real ass at covering Falmer. Seriously. At first I mistake Thalmer for Falmer and then I mistake Falmer for Goblins.

My sincere apologies.

Skyrim Coverage - Post-release
I had been wondering what to do after the release of the game - I suppose no one needed it covered anymore and I am absolutely right. I decided to leave it dormant.

... Then it was suggested that I kept it going, informing on DLC news and made mod reviews, and that is exactly what I will do. The activity level will fall, sure, but I will still be lurking in the dark, waiting to review the next mod. I will also post it on facebook, when I make an update here, so feel free to join in there.

If there's anything else, feel free to ask - K'?

Future Projects
I've been loving this "hobby" and your "company" so much, that I decided to be a real go-getter and make my own talk-show about flying farm animals.
After that fails, here's what will succeed: VEC

VEC (Virtual Entertainment Central,) will be a freelance project, much like Skyrim Coverage was/is. It'll be a site, featuring news, details, mod reviews and all kinds of info on games and movies. It'll be the surpreme seat of our empi... community.

From there, I will link to several coverage sites, much like this one, which will be created as games are announced.

We (Yes, we) already have a server client in our sights. We've got me, a web designer, another writer and a WebComic artist for the site, and his comics are seriously hilarious! I'll add one to this post.
VEC will probably not be up and working probably until January, but I do have a request for all of you: If you've enjoyed this site, please stay tuned for VEC - If we get off to a good start with that site, then maybe we can expand and make an awesome community, where the administration is more in contact with the readers and their wishes.
Apart from that, I'll be running a new coverage site soon. I've already discovered, through cold and hard experience, that managing more than one at a time alone, is near impossible - But maybe it won't be, when it's not such a huge game as Skyrim.

Anyway, feel free to throw in some suggestions! Personally, I'm thinking Grand Theft Auto V.
Oh, and I'll definitely do Assassin's Creed III, which will be out in 2012 (Sort of an annual thing, no?)

That's it for now. In posting moment, there's currently 39 minutes left in my time zone until 11/11/11 - It's been a great ride. Thank you.

My top 5 Skyrim videos

I don't share enough - Or so I've been told.
And sure, the one who told me this might be the alcoholic, cat-eating man who always sits near the playground every morning, tilting back and forth whilst watching the by-passers with eyes of envy and regret, but hey! There might be something to it!

This is why I will now do something I have always wanted to do, but never done! Make a top hit list!! I will share with you my 5 favorite videos, starting with 5 as my least favorite and 1 as my absolute favorite. Enjoy!

# 5 - The World of Skyrim
I consider this one of our last teasers, and I thoroughly enjoy watching it, time and time again. This is the perfect testament as to why my girlfriend is soon to be very pissed at me, due to prolonged absence.
If I don't make it, I want my copy of Skyrim to go to charity.

# 4 Sons of Skyrim - Metal Cover - (SBeast64)
Okay, I don't know about you, but I love me some metal covers, and this is one of the better ones. LOOK AT IT!! LISTEN TO IT!
I started headbanging when I heard this! Until I hit my head against the wall... AND THEN I HEADBANGED SOME MORE!!

# 3 LITERAL Skyrim trailer - Tobuscus
I imagine that this videos presence on my top 5 is less than confusing. Everyone can enjoy this video by Tobuscus, who came up with the wonderful "Literal trailer" concept. Du-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-Subscribe!

# 2 SKYRIM - Harry Partridge
It is surely not a surprise that I like musical approaches to, well, everything - And Skyrim is no exception. When I discovered Skyrim back in January, I drew a picture of Matin Septim, to get all of the excitement out of my body.

Harry Partridge on the other hand, made a much more expressive piece of art, in his animated video, simply entitled "Skyrim!"

# 1 EPIC SKYRIM RAP - Dan Bull
This rap is simply put: Complete, clean and brief awesomeness. If anything has ever gotten me excited about this game apart from dragons (You know, those flying reptiles trying to kill everyone,) it is this video right here!

Part of your (limited) world

[Guess the title reference]

Ask and you shall receive, as I always say. Everyone is welcome to ask their questions, and I'll do my best to give a proper answer. This time around, I was asked what I consider a surprising question. It wasn't about indigenous info, randy rumors or comforting confirmations! It was about how immersible and viable it would be to stay in the same area, on an entire playthrough.

To clarify: Is it viable to stay in a specific area for the entire game, focusing mainly on only one guild, one house, one wife, one life? - A sort of immersible roleplay, I suppose.

So how viable do I believe it will be? Very viable!

The reason for this? Radiant Story.

Although we will definitely be sent to far-away places, should we choose to follow the questline of a guild, it should be perfectly possible to maintain and on-going, slowly-changing life, since Radiant Story will look at all of our actions and give us varied experiences!

As with everything else, I'd imagine this eventually getting dull, but for people who enjoy roleplay, this is actually pretty amazing. Now I know that some people don't even make a story for their character, but solely wish to complete the game, but I am absolutely positive that the majority of TES fans enjoy doing a little solitary roleplay and a refined glass of pepsi.

In all seriousness. TES games have always let us create our own story, more so than providing their own, and that is the beauty of the TES games! They flesh out the major parts, and then we can take care of all the little details in our mind - Radiant story or not; That will always give us a different experience for each playthrough.

Thane (Not Mass Effect!)

I was seriously miffed when I found out that penguins can't fly.

Do you remember buying houses in Oblivion? I remember that the cheapest house you could buy, was a crappy shack on the Imperial Waterfront. I also remember that the best you could buy, was a big house in Skingrad, which you could supplement with a maid - Rawr.

To skip straight to where I wanna go to: We're getting an upgrade! We can become Thanes! Huzzah!
Thanes are kind of representatives of the supreme power (say king, for example) and they own land - And not just a sweet abode, but it can also be that of towns and fields, which is why I hope that we'll be place in such a position, that we can demand taxes! And maybe cookies!

Thanes' homes are usually (not Skyrim, just historically) big and "noble-like" and sometimes even a fort or a small castle. That said, we can also own smaller homes, so worry not, if you wish not become a big, fancy overlord, you do not have to.

The concept of Thane is always hard to perceive in modern times, since they are rarely portrayed in a historically correct sense - They are most often portrayed as nobles (which in a way they are.... It's hard to... Ah, screw it!)


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Last batch of Pictures

May this last batch of pictures tease you, like a meatball sub teases Joey Tribbiani and like an opportunity to be an ass, teases Mel Gibson.

We are nearing the release and I've taken a bunch of pictures, that I think you will really like. This'll be my last post containing pictures, since we won't need them in 2 days time. I hope you enjoy them. (Remember to click them)