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Monday, 20 June 2011

Alduins Wall

So we've all heard of the antagonist of Skyrim: Alduin! The badass eater of worlds. Hungry bastard.
Well, he is kinda cool already, but let me ask you, what is the most awesome thing that you can have in this world? Eh? Can you guess it?

If you guessed a loyal, pet squirrel, then you are pretty close!
But if you guessed having a wall named after you, then you are right on the money! And that is what I will tell you about. We've all seen the first teaser-trailer they threw at us, I think in December or January, and in that trailer, whilst Max von Sydow makes an awesome narration.
But what is the wall about? You see, like some of the Elder Scrolls, this wall holds the prophecy of Alduins return. If you look closely in the video, you can see that the close-ups of the wall actually shows carvings, symbolizing the events of the 4 previous games. Events, that all lead up to this one. The return of The Bane of Kings! The World Eater! The Nordic counterpart to Akatosh! And then how the last dragonborn will fight him. Some have interpreted the prophecy as the dragonborn actually "stops" him, but it says so nowhere, and it would kinda ruin the excitement if he was already destined to win, so I'm kinda guessing that "battle him" is enough. For now.

But where is this wall, you now ask! The wall is located in a place called Sky Haven Temple, which is the last hidden, secret refuge of The Blades. Ergo, this means that you will actually be able to see the wall ingame, and it is quite possible that this is where Esbern learns of the prophecy, which causes him to save the dragonborn from his execution.

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  1. I am full of shame for not reading this post before... must have slipped by...

    But this was kind of nice! :)

    - Mike, out in a sec. Just need to check if I have missed some other posts! >.<