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Monday, 27 June 2011

Source and confirmation

I received a comment today on whether I check for sources or not. Ok, that's not exactly what was asked, but there was a gist of it. I understand everyone's concern for bad information, 'cause I don't post source links and I never will unless asked.
The face of a strange, yet trust-worthy guy. In a Robe.

I am a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls and I check for news everyday and have no intentions of bringing you rotten news or trolling or whatever you kids call it now-a-days. Whether you choose to believe me or not is your deal, but what I am trying to do is create a decent, easy-to-get-around database for all the Skyrim data we have and I dislike false information, just as much as you.

I was asked about this, also on, and I told him that the reason I don't use source links is that I choose to write in an essay / article style and it is less hectic that way. The reason that I write at all is because I like it and that I enjoy bringing you all the news.

"But do you check sources?" He also asked me. Yes, yes I do. I see how many places I can find whatever the topic is, and then I track 'em all back as far as I can for credibility. I did actually find a very unreliable source at a time, consisting of lies and nonsense. A troll source, I believe it is called.

Should there be any doubt in my mind on whether my info is credible or not, you will notice that I mention it in my articles - as in my romance article.

I came up with the idea for Skyrim-cover when I was browsing through the gamespot forums and seeing a lot of identical questions. I needed a way to make it easier for people and then the idea came to me.

If there are any doubt on a topic, feel free to ask, k? I realize that it is a matter of trust and I wish to seem completely trustworthy.

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