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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Is it just me, or is DLC becoming more and more common? It's like it exists in every fricken game these days! Not, that I am complaining.

Bethesda started their DLC-trip with Oblivion, opening the ball with "Horse Armor" which was ridiculed beyond extreme extents. Partly because horse armor was so insignificant, partly because it costed 2.50$ and had no side-quest.

In Fallout 3, there were also DLC, granted, some of it better than other, but it was worth it.

In Skyrim, they want to make less DLC than in Fallout 3, but they want it to have more "fill" like in Oblivion, with "Knights of the Nine." Some people think that Knights of the Nine is an expansion pack, but alas, it is not. It is indeed DLC, but it is good that people think otherwise, 'cause that is want the developers want to get out of the DLC for Skyrim. It needs to feel like an expansion pack.

Now that we are on the topic of expansion pack, there not really thinking about that yet, but I say that it is fair to assume that there one day will be one, giving a look at Bethesda's previous titles, and the hype already created over Skyrim.

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