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Thursday, 30 June 2011

The return of X

You all remember the most awesome thing in Oblivion! I don't even have to say the name, so awesome is it. Everyone of you already knows what I am talking about. You know what? I'm just gonna call it X! You know what it is!

The first side-quest I got in Oblivion was the one about X. It was also the most important side-quest in the game. Therefore, I feel proud and a little drunk with passion to announce: X will be returning in Skyrim! That's right!! If you still felt like there was something missing, I'm guessing that that hole has been filled.

Is there again a quest to gather it and make ├╝ber-potions? I don't know, but its mere presence will be enough to make my knees shake and my heart pound. It is one hundred percent confirmed!

A picture of X

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