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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Economic Crisis, soon to be!

 No, the title of this topic has nothing to do with real life, which none of us really care about.
Skyrim will feature a lot of awesome things, but I nearly pissed my G-string when I heard.... I mean, I nearly pissed my pants, when I first heard about this next part: Economy.

In a neat way, you could say that it has always been there, giving that you can both buy and sell stuff, as well as earn money by being peoples' handyman and by raiding dungeons. That's all very basic, but it would seem that the devs are expanding upon this system. Remember to take your birth control, 'cause these news will rock your world.

Cities will have their own, individual economy and as I've mentioned before, every NPC will have a job, which you also will be able to do, in order to earn money. The only example of the economical features of cities we've seen so far, is the town of Riverwood, visited in the E3 demo.

First up, we saw the Blacksmith of the town and some conversation features. We also saw the man, hailing lumber logs onto a woodchipper. And here I come to the interesting part: We can destroy the economy of the town! We're evil puppetmasters!! Or... I mean, we can be.... yeah.

You can destroy the lumber-thingy and you can steal the towns crops, or set it on fire I'm guessing, but it will of course have consequences. If you sabotage their lumber-stuff, then arrows, which are already more rare and expensive in this game, will cost more in the stores of said town as well as be smaller in quantity.
Lumber Mill

Decide to nuke their crops instead? Ha! Wait, I said instead! I meant: Decide to nuke their crops also? Then the same will happen to food and alchemy ingredients.

So there we go, economy in Skyrim, folks! Enjoy your day! I encourage you all to ruin your towns' economy for practice, so you're ready for the release.


  1. All i have heard and read about this economy system in skyrim is very cool. And ofcourse you nad ofcourse myself will try to ruin the daily life of a settelment by sabotageing,
    (not sure if that's spelled correctly),
    a sawmill, or ruin/steal the crops!

    But a question remains! And I see this as rather important question; Will the npcs recover from this over time?
    Will they be able to fix the trouble you have caused?
    I do hope so. Ofcourse many of us love to steal, murder and loot the inocent... which is kind of sick when you think about it.
    Just admit it, you have tried it out in Oblivion more than once! (That is ofcourse the murder, steal and loot part)

    Back to the question and the reason I care about it.
    We are evil and cruel, but ofcourse we want the people to recover from our cruelty, for two reasons!

    1. We are evil, but don't want to cause a constant pain and poverty to the people of the speciffic location.
    Means: You are evil, but not -that evil-

    2. We want to do it over and over and over again... Just becuase...
    Means: You are evil..

    - Mike

    ps. I hope to see more comments! I KNOW that there are alot of people who gather much info at this site, but disscuss on other forums.
    I hope to see much more disscussion before the release :)

  2. Regarding whether the cities economy will recover or not, I can tell you that I do not know whether they will figure out how to fix the lumber mill, but since they build it, i guess they can rebuild it.

    I do know that they will recover on non-sabotage subjects, like grain-stealing, once the next season of grain has been harvested. Naturally we'll steal that too.

    I also hope to see more comments. As you say, people go to other sites to discuss - I've actually created a forum on this site, but it is rarely used.

  3. Oh. That's nice to hear, and yeah. We will steal it! :)

    And I didn't notice the forum, maybe Bethesda should give this site some credit, since you've done it solo.
    And just because you are a fan! Then you get more out of it :)