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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dynamic be good, mon!

Splendid! Splendid! Splendid! We are one day closer to the release of Skyrim! Another day, another article! This one will be about the new dynamic features of, you guessed it, Skyrim!! Huzzah!

So this is the awesome: Weather will be dynamic.
This means that it'll interact with the world, examples:

Snow will fall and cover the static objects and the ground in a realistic way. Todd mentioned in an interview that they have designed the static things (like rocks and logs) for such things exactly.

Oblivion / Skyrim comparison
Best of all: Dynamic trees! When I found this out, I was like "Wow!" and then I came... Downstairs to get a glass of water to absorb these news! Seriously, the developers have created a system where they adjust the weight of each branch on a tree, to affect how much it's gonna shake in the wind. <---- That's right! By the way, people, it would seem that they have created a lot of diversity when it comes to tree design! No more running from the first identical tree to the next, as they say. Personally, I didn't notice that most of the trees in Oblivion was identical. Still, we've also been promised to see less to trees no adjusted appropriately to the ground, since they are all "Handcrafted" (whatever that entails,) and placed with individual care in the world.

But as I say, branches shake in the wind. Wind is in this game! And it matters!! HU - Wait for it.... ZZAH!
The wind also cause ripples to manifest on water surfaces, as wells as making leaves swirl around. 

There will also be dynamic water, with springs filled with dynamic fish. Those are not the only animals we see, BTW, there are also Insects (like butterflies,) birds and rabbits and such.

Clouds will interact with mountains! We love interaction! And as a last detail, shadows will indeed also be dynamic.

Of course, with the bringing of these news, you cry so hard out of joy, that your tears will be made out of blood. In a good way, of course.

I am kind of hoping that water will soak you in this game, but that we don't know yet. Here's to hoping!

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