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Monday, 27 June 2011

Attributes begone!

Attributes are key to any RPG, world-over. The one's you'll remember from oblivion are Willpower, Strength, Intelligence, Luck, Agility, Endurance, Personality and Speed. If you can't count, that's 8 attributes.

So here is the shocking news: They've all been axed!
The developers realized that whatever attributes one picked, it all lead back to the three most important things: Health, magicka and Stamina.

Instead of having all those different attributes, they decided that they would lead us pick one of the latter options, so it'll work like this: Whenever you level up you gain a little bit of health, and then you can choose on whether you want to further increase health, increase magicka or increase stamina. (Of course you also get to pick a perk.)

A lot less option, with a much stronger result. Even though a lot of fans are worried about this, I say: GO FOR IT!

Boner!! Right there!


  1. Eeeeeer... Boner? :s

    Srsly? You cannot get a boner because of a game! :(

    Oh! the horrific world we live in, I will ascape to Skyrim in November! >:(

    - Mike

  2. I'm sure millions have already, Mike. Millions of boners world wide lol.