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Monday, 27 June 2011


Most creative enemy in Oblivion? Atronachs!

Naturally, they will see a return. They're like the "elementals" of the Elder Scrolls universe. If you played Oblivion, you'll remember 3: Fire, Frost and Storm Atronachs.

In a demo from E3, we saw one of these inglorious bastards: The Frost Atronach.

A Dragon Priest rises from his grave and summons one and from the looks of it, they're bigger, badder and has more abilities, which'll prove to make combat a lot more exciting.

So far it is unknown whether we'll only see them as summonable creatures, or if they are hanging around dungeons as well, like in Oblivion.

Will we be able to summon one ourselves? To that I can only say: Hey! It's Bethesda! Of course we can!

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