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Sunday, 26 June 2011

How many books can YOU read?

There were plenty of books in Oblivion, but I think I read, like, 1. I am not aware of how many I missed out on, but I do know that a correct answer would be: plenty!

You would think that having the ability to read would give us some sort of interest in actually doing so, but no. After a bit of thinking, I'd say it would be a good idea to put on your reading glasses and heating up a cup of coffee, 'cause Skyrim will be featuring more than 300 unique books, which is completely insane!

Skyrim is an RPG, as I am sure that you already know, which is why I needn't say that the more detail the better and with having more than 300 books written, you can really see that Bethesda means business when we're talking intense roleplay.
Lots'a books!

Not planning on reading them? We'll you are going to look up a few words, I'm sure, 'cause some of the books will reveal neat things for the in-game play and story, as well as being necessary for a few quests.

The best book in Oblivion
In Oblivion, time stopped. It seriously did. As great as positive attention is, one can get kind of tired of it, when the entire world centers around oneself. Everytime you talked to someone or opened a menu and even when you: read a book, time stopped for everyone but you.

Bethesda has made sure that this does not happen again, meaning that the only actual way to pause the game is the [Esc] menu. That also counts for when you are reading, so you better find a cozy inn before you start your glorious adventure through the written words, 'cause the world will go on around you.

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  1. i wonder if the the text is different. For a world that doesn't have any machines everyone sure does have the same hand writing.