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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Character compilation

It finally happened! Bethesda has released compilations featuring every race and gender in the game. It is clear that each race has been designed to look unique and unlike the others, and we can barely recognize the elves when we compare them to those of Oblivion and each the Altmers, Bosmers and Dunmers have been designed with their own distinctive eye color. Yellow/Orange for Altmers (It feels like each and everyone of them are staring me down,) Brown for the Bosmers and Red/Black for the Dunmers.

I never noticed while playing Oblivion, but apart from the Orcs, Khajit and Argonians, every race were just humans with a few body alterations. Like taller and skinnier, as well as smaller and broader. Now I feel like each and every race is special and I have to do everything there is to do with each gender of every race -Starting with the Orc male.

But enough talk - Remember you can enlarge each picture by clicking it [And like "Skyrim Coverage" on facebook.]


  1. i say it as it is: AWSOME, i want the game now. i mean it these characters look so amazing, and these are just a few examples of what can be done with the character editor. and that is just character editor, not even the game. still over 3 months to go :[.

  2. nevermind i meant 2 months,

  3. mmm Looks ok, I guess.

    Except from the Animal races... they all got the same kinda look (headshape/mouth etc)
    Just watch closely....