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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bounty Hunters!

Well, snap my neck and call me a dead chicken, preferably to be used as gourmet food in the future!
We've been over the crime system, but just to keep it short and clear: There are 9 holds (Counties) each with their own ruler, prisons and bounties, meaning that if you get a bounty in region A, nobody in Region B will know about it.

So you could just stay away from the big bad city of whatever region your bounty is in, and thus stay safe and sound, right? WRONG! Like a thief in the night, the news snuck up on me: There will come fricken BOUNTY HUNTERS after us. Whilst it appear quite logical that my actions, as in burning the entire population of a small peaceful settlement to a crisp, should not go unnoticed, I was still pleasantly surprised once I found this out.

I will not indulge you in grand words and eloquence, building up excitement and motivations, as I always do, this time around, due to a smacking headache. Therefore I will try another approach: BE EXCITED OR SUCK!
Let me know if it works.

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