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Thursday, 29 September 2011


Why didn't i write this months ago? Let me tell you now, mammoths are in the game! Knew that already? Well, pretend that you did not, just like Bush pretends that he has done nothing wrong.

Better known as the elephant with tusks among everyone, the mammoths will be travelling the tundras of Skyrim. Given their awesomeness, they are often herded by Giants, whom take the time to carve symbols into their tusks.

Should you come upon these magnificent bastards and their giant masters, travelling the tundra together, you may get the urge to hurt them, you know, just to see what is up - Well, don't! The entire group will turn on you like the other students turn on Britta at SeƱor Chang's command! So you might want to think twice!

I do have a theory that you find mammoths wandering alone, since an example of the world ecology, depicts a pack of wolves working together as a team in order to take down one of them. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be quite strange if Giants had tamed all mammoths? Yes, yes it would.


  1. "better known as the elephants with tusks." Elephants have tusks dumbass. I think they're BETTER known as elephants with hair.

  2. You're knowledge on large mammals is astounding. The tusk thing is an inside joke.

  3. But elephants also have hair. Otherwise they wouldn't be mammals.

  4. Hey, you're right.

    I looked it up and evidently they are covered with hair, it's just very thin.

  5. I hate foolish people that call someone a "Dumbass" when clearly they are the dumbasses. Oh how the world would be a better place if it wasn't filled with those people... Oh well, I've been studying your website for awhile, and I am really thankful for you doing all of this. Thanks man, you have some amazing info on here! I'll probably be posting more. This one just made me upset since you clearly are not a dumbass. =D

    - Jace

  6. my freind tried to take on a group but got tottaly plowed.but it seemed like they had a stratigy because the mammoths charged him and the giant flanked and took the finnal blow however it might have just been a coincidence