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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ice Trolls!

It's scary, I know - Different kinds of Trolls. Kinda like different kinds of Justin Bieber, only dangerous, not annoying. Unlike their cousins from Oblivion, these guys are actually dangerous and live in the snowy regions of mighty Skyrim.

Fry dat Ice Troll, mon!
As far as weaknesses go, my logical guess is that this one's weak point matches the Cave Troll's - Fire! Which is great, 'cause who doesn't like breaking out your flamethrower spell and frying themselves some troll meat? No one. None at all.

Equivalents of elementary school aside, in spite of seeing a sole Ice Troll in the released video footage, Todd Howard mentioned that we could run into an entire nest of them, suggesting that they might be pack animals. Not much more to say on this topic, other than we should all look forward to fight them, 'cause it seems exciting!


  1. Haha,i remember when i first ''met'' a troll,since it was like 5 days ago.
    I was playing some Skyrim,when i just finished killing the dragon at the Skyborn altar.
    I ventured forward.Little did i know what was waiting for me.I found some ruins near the skyborn altar.It was snowing heavily.I saw something but i didn't really see it well,so i went closer and readied my hunting bow.It wasn't aware of me so i shot an arrow at it.I was surprised that it just kinda ran towards me and killed me in like 2 hits.