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Monday, 29 August 2011

Ice Wraiths!

Known for months, Ice wraiths will be flying around terrorizing us once we reach the frozen tundra in the land of Skyrim. Unlike their Cyrodiilic brethren from Oblivion, the regular wraiths, these bad boys are reminiscent of teeny, tiny version of transparent Japanese dragons - or eels, but what the hell do I know? I'm just hoping they won't suddenly appear and start screaming "ONAGI!" - simply terrifying.

David Schwimmer aside, I think we should focus on what we know of these neat creatures, which I believe to be hostile. The only picture we have of them, shows of three of them, causing me to believe that they are creatures prone to attack in groups. Being described as creatures formed out of pure ice and air, moves them even further away from the Wraiths in Oblivion, with them not being undead, nor vengeful. Not that that makes me want to try and join in on a dance of peace with them.

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