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Thursday, 15 September 2011


This may seem a bit redundant, but I hate to leave stuff incomplete, so I've decided to add bandits to our little encyclopedia of enemies.

Although known for a long time, I hereby declare that bandits are in Skyrim, obviously!
Come to think of, I've never seen an RPG without bandits! There were bandits in FFVII right?
That aside, so far we've only seen the ones called "Bandit" - No marauders, hedge wizards or highwaymen, not that I am doubting their presence in Skyrim at all, so fell free to consider them a part of our adventure.

Like in Oblivion, bandits will, unless scripted, draw their weapon and attack you on sight, not leaving you with a chance to surrender you possessions and leave in blissful peace. As always they will probably be a welcome morning exercise for swinging our blade and wielding our flamethrower firespell. Basically they are just cocky canonfodder.


  1. Just like to let you know that marauders are confirmed. Those people fighting in the tower outside Bleak Falls Barrow are marauders. Also the first guy he fights head on in Bleak Falls Barrow is called a "Bandit Marauder." so, I thought that was pretty interesting.

  2. Bandits in OB did not always attack you on site. Many along the road's bridges would stop you and demand money first. Hopefully we'll see more actions like this instead of them just charging you to their deaths all the time.

  3. @ Anonymous #1
    Ah, cool

    @ Anonymous # 2
    Those were called Highwaymen. Surprisingly enough, most of them were Khajit.

  4. And there is also one who commited suicide beneath one of the bridges.
    You can read the suicide note. Poor fellow

    - Mike

  5. @Mike I think that is a Troll? coming from Bravil?