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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


A recent poll on The Skyrim Blog clearly show that if the fans of TES would have to choose a race to enter the fray and show themselves in the games, it would have to be the Dwemer. Sure their ruins are back, but as you know, the Dwemer are not. Luckily, they left something behind... Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

Nah, seriously - I recommend that you pack a lot of crap before you enter the dwemer ruins. In fact, you should probably go all boyscout and say "Always be prepared" (Which is ironic, since they weren't prepared when i snuck up on them with a machete and... Nevermind.)

As you venture into the hollowed halls of Dwarven culture, which we so missed in Oblivion, you'll find that life may become difficult as you might meet the Dwemer legacy: The Centurions.

These be not the crafty centurions you meet in Asterix and Obelix, my friend, and they are not child-friendly AT ALL. In fact, they are to mostly function as high-level bosses so steer clear.
The Centurion of Skyrim

You know not what they are? The centurions are fierce, ancient machines build by, guess who, the Dwemer and they are fricken nuts. The type I know typically roll around in sort of a ball shape and then unfold like a transformer, or destroyer droid if you prefer. As far as I can tell, there'll be a bunch of different kinds in Skyrim and maybe each of them are unique, since they function as high-level "bossy" battles?


  1. Just came across this site and have to say I'm impressed. You do all this by yourself?

  2. Yes, I've done so since June.
    It keeps me active - Or at least more active than Winnie the Pooh.

  3. Cool, keep up the good work