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Which was the first Elder Scrolls game you played?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Cave Trolls!

According to me (don't call me Jim,) the most annoying enemy in Oblivion was the cave / forest troll. It was big and incredibly fast, not to mention hard to kill unless you had a firespell at the ready. I'm pretty sure that it was meant to be scary, but it was mostly annoying.

They do make a return in Skyrim, although seeing them now turns everything around - They're still fast, but not as in the annoying way in Oblivion; It is bigger; It will definitely be hard to kill, I'd say!
We've seen video footage of it's icy counterpart, and it is at least terrifying enough to make Hugh Grant cry - Not that he sets the bar very high.


  1. Oh! I remember the very first time I met the trolls in Oblivion!
    It's many years ago, and me and one of my lil brothers were exploring this fantastic game (Well.. he was sitting beside me, and I was playing. But he had alot of fun just watching too i guess)
    But back to the issue here! There I was on a stroll though the beautiful forests in Cyrodil, when I suddenly, saw some thing green not too far away from me, but it was turning dark so it was kind of hard to see what it was.
    I were sneaking closer and closer, got behind a big rock and climed ontop of it, the troll was not far off, but still hard to figure out what it was.
    They I heard some creepy, fast and heavy footsteps behind me...
    When I turned, fast but dramaticly, another troll screamed as he hit me in the face with his giant claws.
    Right before he hit me, me and my brother were screaming like... grownup men!
    more like a roar of fear actually. But we did scream very loud!
    I will never forget my first meeting with those trolls, and I will never stop regreting that I juped off the rock and ran towards the other troll that I had completly forgotten...
    After the uncontrollable panic was gone, I fougth the trolls and they fell to my blade.
    I found it more comfortable to raid castles with undead after that little incident, for a good long while.
    I have hated trolls from that day, and that they are returning in Skyrim scares the goo out of me!
    But I can't wait to run into my worst enemy and he will surly fall to my balde again!

    ps. This is a 99.99 % true story...
    the only thing that is not true is... We screamed like little girls.
    But don't tell anyone!

    - Mike

  2. Hahaha, your honesty is great. I remember my first time fighting these nasty fiends, and it was almost the same, even the screaming... My little bro was next to me, and I was playing. I was in a cave, but it jumped out from behind the wall at me. Or at least I thought. Thing was scary! But by far, my worst enemy, were the mountain lions... They always caught me off guard. So, I am glad I have a chance at vengeance... Against a much more sinister Sabre Tooth!

    - Jace

  3. i remember my first time fighting a troll. i was in the jarl mts. on a quest to get to a cave called surpents pass and when i was about to arrive i suddenly got smacked in the back as i heard a roar i was completely suprised to see the white trolls(iv noticed they travel in groups of 2)and killed them after taking some damage but i found them pathetic to the monsterous ogers who inhabited surpents pass.i did not scream but i respect your fear as i did have some as well

  4. Haha,i remember when i first ''met'' a troll,since it was like 5 days ago.
    I was playing some Skyrim,when i just finished killing the dragon at the Skyborn altar.
    I ventured forward.Little did i know what was waiting for me.I found some ruins near the skyborn altar.It was snowing heavily.I saw something but i didn't really see it well,so i went closer and readied my hunting bow.It wasn't aware of me so i shot an arrow at it.I was surprised that it just kinda ran towards me and killed me in like 2 hits.By the way it was a Frost troll.