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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I love requests - It makes me feel needed and non-bored. Is there a word for that, BTW?
That aside, I was asked to make a list over the known types of dragons so far, so that is what I am going to do. We already did this on the facebook page a while ago, but I'll try to re-create our minimal work for you.

As one of the loading screens say: "There are more than a few types of dragons." Lets list up what we know in a bullet style list! Love bullets! Especially when they HURT PEOPLE!! (Kidding)

  • Red Dragon (Fire Dragon?)
  • Bronze Dragon
  • Frost Dragon
  • Black Dragon (Jill)
  • White Dragons
  • Reptile-like Green Dragons
    • A Dragon described as: "Goldy kind of green," which is a potential new type, but might also just be the reptile-looking one.
So is this enough to add up to "More than a few?"
I don't feel that way personally, which is why I'd like to remind you that this is a list of the dragons that we know of - Not the "official Dragon List!"


Todd Howard has revealed that there are 6 main types of dragons, somewhat fitting out list.


  1. On the recent spot todd howard did on gttv he said there were 6 main types of dragon so this could be all of them! Although he did say there were named dragons who I assume would probably have unique designs so there will be more.

    Love the site keep up the good work, Three weeks to go!


  2. So I guess my quetion is.. Are there six diffrent types of dragons that will all be unscripted and you will encounter them deppending on were you are on the map of skyrim??
    Or does this just mean that there are six diffrent dragons that are unique and we see them at some point butmore than likely only in the story line....

    Also has there only been two dragon trypes confermed? thats crazy its like the coolist aspect of the game... in the sense that you have to use a certan stratagy to kill a certan type of dragon.. etc Frost dragons stronger than red dragon(fire dragon)...

    Sorry for my very bad english.. =)
    Please coment
    thanks =P

  3. There are six different dragon types that will all be unscripted - Where you meet them possibly depends on where you are in the world, but the more powerful ones won't show 'till later in the game.

    The bullet lists shows you the dragons in question.

    Specific strategies aren't applied to the type of dragon you are fighting, but its behaviour, which varies greatly - so adapt.