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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mai'q the Liar

"Hello everyone! I'm ba-ack!"


  1. I thought Mai'q would've been dead by now???

    Statues and Limitations

  2. He's lying about being back

  3. Is just to tease us?
    Or are you merely suggesting that Maiq is back?
    He was one of my favorite characters in Oblivion, due to his mysterious beeing.
    And I hope that he is back, but if you are lying *swinging fist*!

    - Mike

  4. Sorry, I didn't express myself clearly.

    One of the journalists playing last week ran into him, confirming his presence in the game.

  5. Oh great! now I get to kill him!
    Sorry, I didn't express myself cle... no.. I lied!

    I met Maiq ONCE! I heard one of his little lies... And then he just ran off!
    I wanted to speak with him, first I went "Oh, what a strnage fellow. I think I like this cat!"
    *maiq runs off*
    "What the!? Hey you! Come back, I wassn't finished! Oh snap, he's fast!"

    And after that I swore I'd kill him if I ever ran into him again, and I kind of did run into him.
    He spotted me and ran with his tail between his legs!
    I had to look all his funny little comments on youtube... what a disgrace!
    I'm going to drown that little cat in a bag! He cannot be - that - fast now as he is over 200 years old!

    Sorry for lying, I just didn't think you'd tell me the truth if I said this at first...
    You know.. lying is kind of contagious. I BLAME HIM!

    - Mike

  6. Look all his funny little commetns - up - on youtube...

    - Mike

  7. You can't kill Mai'q - Essential

  8. Confirmed, just ran into him . 20.11.2011
    -Darkelf mister elf