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Sunday, 16 October 2011

150 Posts!

Once again I pass a threshold without paying notice to it.
We've hit 157 posts, excluding this one, and it's the perfect proof that I am dedicated, which I will brag about in the mirror, which is my only friend. It talks to me. It tells me to... To... To do things!

To write about Skyrim, that's what!!

Anyway, I'm still a solo author and thus the activity level vary greatly, but none the less have I managed to also pass 200.000 page views about a week ago (I think.) Quite nice.

I have figured out (been told) what to do with this site, as soon as Skyrim is released: I will notify if I find some neat stuff in-game (no spoilers) and I will post about the best mods that I find.
Of course I've got other things brewing: I'm going to work on other coverage sites, but more importantly I and a friend plan to create a site about virtual entertainment, called Virtual Entertainment Central (VEC) and it'll link to all of the future coverage sites and various other projects, but primarily it'll be filled with Gaming and movie news and reviews.
Hopefully we'll be able to get a bunch of writers.

Anyway, Skyrim is released in 4 weeks, and we've had a great run with Skyrim Coverage, I'd say.
There are a lot of readers and a lot of nice people who have send nice messages, thanking me for my work - Just a shoutout: I seriously appreciate it! Thank you! It makes it all worthwhile.

So enjoy the last 4 weeks until Skyrim is released and 11/11/11 will be the official 9/11 of social life in general. Currently Pete Hines is on a tour around Europe releasing new footage and news - As soon as I get my hand on it, I'll release it, as well as all the crap I've forgotten about.

Arigatou Gozaimasu


  1. It's been fun! :D
    But we ain't there just yet! So I'll keep tuning in!

    I will read the post under this one when I come home tonight. I have school now, and then I will have to work untill 23:30, none-stop days are hard! :s

    Again I thank you for all the posts, for keeping me up to date with important info, and for making it fun to read!

    See you around!

    - Mike