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Sunday, 16 October 2011

All the small things

When I heard Skyrim was announced, every little detail about the game was incredibly fascinating and interesting; Even just knowing that there are butterflies. Over time I have grown to brush the minor things aside, just writing them on the facebook page, and only written the more "meaty" stuff here.

Scouting the web, I've noticed a lot of people talking about Skyrim stuff in videos and articles and they are mentioning a lot of minor stuff, that is often old news - The comment sections reveal to me that people ain't aware of this stuff! So I will use this post to squeeze in as many of the "minor" facts that I can think of, with disregard for whether I have, or have not, written it before.

Before I begin: Can you guess what band the title of this post is a reference to?

As revolutionary as the GameBoy Pokémon games' fishing system was, it is sometimes good to just say "screw it" and go back to the basics. There is an aspect of fishing in Skyrim, but instead of using the traditional rod, you just grab the fish with your hands. The fish function like meat: They restore your health and if you cook them, the amount of health they'll restore is doubled. There are bunch of different fish in Skyrim and I am quite sure that they also are used for Alchemy.

Dragon types
We all know that there are more than just 1 type of dragon, which is nice, but seriously: How many? One of the loading screens, that God deity Howard is really excited about, says that "There are more than a few types of dragons." And how many is that, exactly? Huh, Todd?! HUH?! (Hoping Todd will comment if we keep referring to him. Like if he was Candy Man.)

On our facebook page, we counted up to half a dozen (6) types of dragons, with a potential 7th. Is this enough to be "more than a few?" Mayhaps, but I don't think so, and I do hope that there'll be at least 12 different types, excluding Alduin.

People ask Pete Hines: Can we bring a bedroll with us and camp anywhere? The answer to that: No, we can't. Pete mentions that one of the challenges of the game is to find a decent place to sleep, in order to properly rest up. Of course there are bandit camps, so I suggest finding one and murdering its denizens in their beauty-sleep, taking their camp for your own.

And hey, what would you rather spend time doing? Set up a tent, or (brutally) murder (and decapitate) a bunch of bandits? I'm guessing the latter.

Now that I mention decapitation, I'd just like to mention that Sir Howard has mentioned that we can [Insert evil smile.] Decapitation is a perk that I know you can choose for swords, but I am unsure about axes and knives.

A teeny tiny detail that may bother folks - not me, but folks - is that it will not be that bloody. So if you need blood, go smear Ketchup on your screen. Everybody loves Ketchup (screw Raymond.)

Remember physics? So does Bethesda!
Some of the many people who have played Skyrim at various conventions, have actually tried to throw corpses in the river and guess what: They float down the stream! What a fantastic way of disposing of the bodies you've piled up as you terrorize the countryside and its small villages - Which. You. Will.

I assume that the "floating" will also work on everything else you throw in there: It would be weird if it didn't, wouldn't it?

We can get married, sure, but can we go that extra mile and taint ourselves with offspring? This very question, I have not received a reply to, but I am thinking no.
Why is that, you ask? Well, given that there are no time-skips in the TES games, it'd be a little odd to foster a child, since women actually are pregnant for 9 whole months before given birth.
Seriously, this ain't Fable! Kids don't grow up in hours!

How many companions can I bring along?
I saw a topic on the TES forum about making a small army of companions, but you cannot do that, I'm afraid. Pete Hines has informed us, through Twitter, that we can only bring 1 companion at a time.

Recharge Enchantment
Just like in Oblivion, your enchanted weapons will run out of juice as you use them and you'll have to recharge them by either going to a mage who can do it and give up a small fortune - Or you could trap souls inside "soul gems" and use those to recharge your enchanted gear.

The Bard
Bards, commonly found in and outside taverns, are totally for hire! You can give them some coin and in return they will play you a song. You can keep doing it inside a tavern, and it'll gear up the patrons.

Tavern Brawls
Taverns are awesome, BTW. In Skyrim, you can start tavern brawls - For ze Kicks!!

Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris will for unknown reasons, not be in the game.

Manipulate the politics!
There are 9 holds in Skyrim, and you will be able to use your quick wit and turn them against each other. Do NOT name your character The Puppeteer!

Daedra Lords
Yes, there are Daedra shrines in the game. Possibly, we won't see all of the princes, but there are some - We even have a picture of Azura's shrine.

Kill Animations
The common Melee combat has some "finishing moves" or what is more commonly called: "Kill Animations." These animations also apply to Stealth, which means you can have some cool stealth kills. They will not apply to ranged weapons and magic.
Furthermore, they cannot be turned off.

You can map your keys to whatever you like, on the PC.

Controller support
The PC version will feature controller support for the Xbox360 controller. I am unsure about the PS3 controller (Unlikely, however.) More importantly, there are no longer any reason for me to not buy this for PC. HA!

Eye Patch
Some dude asked Pete Hines whether there are eye patches or not, which I personally deemed kind of random; not that I mind. Unfortunately, there won't be - But...

Treasure Maps
... There will be treasure maps! I could cry, you know! Not in sadness, but out of sheer joy! I F'ing love treasure hunting!

Some people, including magnificent me, would not enjoy having the HUD shown, during our travels. For me, it's all about immersion, for the drunkard down the street, it's for being Barack Obama's son. He may not be a credible source.

Anyway, it's an option to hide/show it, so we don't have to take this abuse! (BTW, I wonder if there'll be reverse wife beating, 'cause then I'm not sure that I want to get married - But nevermind my personal life; lets get back to the game.)

Equipped Items
There have been some concern about knowing what you've equipped, given that we no longer have a model of our character to stare at for hours, when we open the inventory screen - Fret not, there is an icon next to the equipped items.

Number of discs
Worry, worry, worry not! All versions of Skyrim will be one-disc only

City loading
All but the 5 major cities are a genuine part of the outside world, Which means: No loading screen.

War Paint
Also knows as tattoos, are made upon character creation - and they can not be removed.

Khajit Racial Ability: CLAWS
Khajit can use their claws to do battle - Bring it on, dragon! BRING IT!

All the rest
There is probably a bunch of stuff that I haven't thought of, so if you have a question, feel free to ask either on our facebook page:
Or in the comment section.


  1. That would have to be Blink, no?

  2. Oh, Brad - You're so wise.
    Yes, it's Blink.

  3. Can we get a list of the types of dragons and some details on them?

    BTW i posted some links in the Skyim Coverage forum with pictures of a pet (Dog) and a sabre tooth tiger

  4. Oh, Thanks! I was looking for that.