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Monday, 17 October 2011

Deadric Artefacts: Mehrunes Razor

As you all might now there are new Skyrim media and previews arriving this week and I will cover as much as I can and that begins at this very moment, my children.

You remember Mehrunes Razor? The little dagger you could gain if you underwent horrible trials in some Oblivion DLC (Take a moment to laugh at the pitiful Horse Armor DLC.) Well, it seems as if it is back. In one of the previews, the player describes that he went to a small keep called "Cracktusk Keep," which was occupied by Orcs, proving to be rather hostile - I'm thinking Hurray!

After being killed by the keeps "captain" a couple of times, our hero finally manned up and kicked his sorry ass! In his room he found a key to the keeps treasure vault and guess what he found inside? The avatar of Pete Hines, also known as Tinky Winky!!! <--- That was a lie!

What he actually found was the shards of Mehrunes Razor, suggesting that we'll be able to reforge this glorious piece of rather evil weaponry and if I know us right, we will [Insert evil laugh here.]


  1. By the divenes! I havn't done that DLC YET!

    I need to do this now....

    And thanks for the new posts!

    - Mike

  2. The hilt of it is in the town of Morthal!

  3. you can make the blade there is a quest where a courier comes to and invites you to the opening of the mythic dawn mueseum, where you collect all 3 pieces of mehrunes razor and eventually speak with dagon himself and remakes it, the blade has a small chance of insta killing someone on hit and doesnt deplete in charge